Need A Review, Giveaway or Promo?

Thank you for considering having UPBB review your book! Here are a few things you should know.

1. I have reviewed published works and ARCs, as well as beta read upcoming releases. I have also posted promotion information for books.

2. Although I've read my share of street lit and Paranormal YA, I will review the Paranormal YA (although it may take a while for me to get to), the street lit I will not --- Unless it has a paranormal element. I will also not review erotic novels. Novels with some sexual instances is fine, but absolutely nothing erotic. Well ... I've read one or two. Submit them at your own risk.

3. Please know that all book reviews will be posted on this blog regardless of if they are good or bad.

4. If you don't like the review, please let me know and I'll offer more explanation.

5. For a book review: First and foremost, the protagonist must be non-caucasian, or the closest character to the protagonist with a storyline should be non-caucasian. Send your book in .mobi (kindle) format to diabolicaldrama [at] gmail [dot] com along with pertinent information about the book (especially which characters of note are non-caucasian).
For a promo spot: Send an email to the above address. Tell me about the book, the genre and pairing. The promo should be inside the email ... No attachment, just text in the email! The book should be diverse!
For a giveaway: Again, send an email telling me about your book, when the release date is and how you want the book to be given away. The number of winners is up to you and will be picked at random unless you specify a different way for the book to be won.


  1. Hi! My paranormal action romance novel, Becoming Violet, has now been released. It is for sale on Amazon, and directly from my publisher, United PC. Take a sneak peek inside on amazon, here:
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  2. I have a blog on paranormal and scifi with diverse characters. I'd love to reprint some of your reviews.

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