Monday, May 27, 2019

Nightchaser by Amanda Boucet

Endeavor, #1

I've been a fan of Amanda Bouchet since her Kingmaker Chronicles came out. And as time went on, reading her work, and speaking to her personally, I've had the privilege of talking to her about lots of random things. I wanted to also say "thank you" to her for really digging into sensitive issues, looking for understanding, and making changes accordingly.

With all that said ...

I've had this book for about a year. I got the ARC during my daughters volleyball season and read it over the course of her practices. Sci Fi is always difficult for me to get into but I didn't have this problem with Nightchaser. Often, when I start obsessing over an authors work, I compare it against their other works. I am more than proud to say that Nightchaser is completely separate from Kingmaker Chronicles. Nighthcaser is a Sci Fi space rodeo. I was immediately immersed in the story, in the ship, in the world that Bouchet created. As much as I love Sci Fi movies, I dont usually connect with Sci Fi books but I really enjoyed this one.

With every planet visited, I could 'feel' the difference. I felt every characters frustrations. I even connected to all of the characters, which is rare for me. Quintessa Novalight aka Tess Bailey, leads a band of Nightchasers. They're like a galactic version of Robin Hood and his merry men. I love a bada$$ female lead and Tess, while isn't bada$$ in a way that I'm used to, she does command respect. When she steps into a space, people who know who is in charge. When she requests something of you, you want to make her proud of you.

In an effort to keep this post spoiler free, I've left out my take on events that took place but I encourage everyone to read it. This year, I purchased audio for it and the narrator was actually pretty good. I was skeptical at first but she does an excellent job of making things seem urgent. I'm so happy for Amanda Bouchet and this wonderful start to a promising new series.

4 stars!

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