Monday, June 4, 2018

The Minotaur's Kiss by Erin St Charles

Gods and Concubines, Book 1

There are a few authors I'm lucky enough to regularly converse with on FB and Erin is one of them. She's also one of the few that is not running around shoving her book in people's faces. So when she told me she had one, I didn't mind reading it.

Minotaur's Kiss is about Diana and Mac. Mac is a minotaur shifter with an eye for Diana, a biracial social worker (of sorts). Her work involves checking up on sex workers and making sure everyone is accounted for and ok. The two meet at a party that her boss threw, had a night of good sex, and then Diana kicked him out.

I kind of love her.

Mac, however, was bummed, but at least got the chance to see her again for work. Mac served as security and would be tailing Diana while she performed her usual duties AND while she handled a prestigious assignment.

A working girl goes missing and we find later that those who took her mistook her for someone else. As Diana is investigating, she is attacked and Mac comes to her rescue. Of course, that doesn't solve the immediate relationship problem. Diana, at least, tries to pretend that she doesn't want him, but she finds that it gets even more difficult as time goes on.

This book gives us an HEA and is a bit cliche but is definitely enjoyable. I enjoy Diana's commitment to her job and her future (initially). I really liked the issue with the changeling. I love that this is set in Dallas, where I'm from, and I really love how St Charles gave us paranormal creatures in a whole new way. St Charles talks genes and DNA when it comes to the paranormal elements, when that usually isn't the case. The world building was decent but I don't need much since I'm living around the same area that Diana is, lol. This is a bit erotic, but you can push through it if it isn't something you're used to. I skip a lot. There are trigger words that I despise, but I skimmed it slowly enough to not miss anything important.

I'm going to cross my fingers that the next book will involve Vanessa (Diana's twin sister) and Bubba as I have a soft spot for him.

3 Stars.
Thanks, Erin!

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