Friday, July 21, 2017

The Hunting Town by Elizabeth Stephens

Brothers, Book 1

The Hunting Town is about a group of brothers involved in a fight ring but are also much more than that. You end up dealing with a Cartel and Russian Mafia, so you have to know this book would be incredibly action packed. The action didn't disappoint. Elizabeth Stephens has always been great at crafting violence. I really think that's her specialty but I also think sometimes it can be too much. How is that possible? I know right ... How could I even say that? I don't mind the violence, but there's a brutality to it. Couple the brutality with how well written it is and you're almost cringing at times.

As far as the brothers go, I think they're over the top. They're well written, character development is awesome, and each have a distinct personality as well as 'look' but something happens when they meet a woman that reminds me of an Alpha wolf. If this were a shifter series, it would be completely understandable, but since these are human males, I don't understand the strong sense of mating that came over them in a split second.

Plumeria, the first lady we're introduced to, is paired with Knox. He's a badass. She's a badass. Sort of. I love her one minute and then don't care about her the next. I don't think it's anything that she did in particular, but I'm kind of over the damsel in distress. All the women in this book are a damsel in their own way and it makes me not even think twice about them. I don't even remember the other two women's names.

This book shifts POVs with each passing chapter so it may be easy to get lost in one persons head, and then have trouble switching over. I know I had trouble, but then again, my ADD is pretty severe.

If I remember correctly, Dixon is black and Plumeria is mexican, but outside of that, I don't see much more diversity being added unless one of the brothers gets a WOC in a later installment. I kind of doubt it.

Overall, this book is extremely well written, the world building is good but I think the overall feel of the book is what transports you there. I often felt like I was standing in the middle of the bloodbath or at the fight club and had to press myself out of the way so I won't get killed. This book is not for me but I already know it's going be a lot of people's favorites.

3 Stars
Thank you, Elizabeth Stephens, for the ARC!

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