Wednesday, June 21, 2017

White Hot by Ilona Andrews

Book 2 of Hidden Legacy Series

I'm in love with Ilona Andrews. Although I haven't been posting about it, I've read (or listened to) their entire stock. It's quite possible that Kate Daniels has overtaken Jane Yellowrock as my favorite heroine. That freaks me out but it is what it is. With all that said, I'm still not a hundred percent sure about the Hidden Legacy series but there is so much about it I love that I will just remain unsure until I can come out of hiding about it.

If you have not read book 1, this will be full of spoilers for you.

Nevada Baylor is a Truthseeker Prime who is coming into her powers. In book 1, we had to deal with Adam Pierce, a Prime level Pyrokinetic, who was looking for a trinket to turn his Prime level powers into God level powers. Nevada, at the time, had no idea that she really had any power, and was tasked to bring this Prime in alive or her business and home will be forfeit to the company that owns it. A company owned by a Prime Illusionist, Augustine Montgomery. During the course of tracking down Adam, she meets and is kidnapped by Mad Rogan, a Prime Telekinetic, who has a horrible reputation and is most feared among all Primes.

In book 2, Nevada and her family of PIs take on a case to solve the murder of Nari Harrison, the wife of a Significant Animal Mage, Cornelius Harrison. Working this case finds her in the middle of several houses trying to bring down a system, or so they thought. This also leads her right back into the arms of Mad Rogan and more danger than she faced in book 1. If you can tell by the cover, this series is 'hot' which isn't my thing, but the sex didn't last long and I skipped over it. Thankfully, Ilona Andrews doesn't sacrifice a page count for sex, there is still way too much story to be told to hang onto a sex scene for too long. Despite the fact that I do like Rogan, Augustine, and Cornelius, I find myself liking Nevada now. I didn't really like her in book 1. I thought she was boring and bland, but now she's getting some BadAssery and I tend to like that. The end of book 2 has us wondering about her family and how they stack up to other Houses. Spoilers if I give details so I won't but I will say that the young family members are so cool that I salivate at the thought of what we'll get to see from them in book 3. The action scenes are really well thought out. If I were watching them as a movie, I would literally be turning my head every which way to catch everything because it's so descriptive.

As always with Ilona Andrews, the world building and character development are top notch. I always love the family that is created around the protag. I originally wanted to say the diversity is lacking but I think, judging by what I've seen so far, we'll get more in the coming books. Right now, we have a few latino and asian background characters surrounding Mad Rogan. We have a decent black power character that is on the neutral side of things, and possibly a dangerous black House to look forward to in the future. And then again ... I don't remember any diversity in The Edge series or The Innkeeper Chronicles. Although it's been a little bit since I've read either of them, which is a shame because I actually like Innkeeper. I think maybe the cop in Innkeeper or a neighbor is ethnic.

Overall, I give this book 4 stars just because I'm not completely sold on it yet. Most of that is due to the fact that I'm too hooked on a Kate Daniels, Damali Richards, Jane Yellowrock type of heroine that one that has no combat skills kinda kills me a little. Still ... I'm waiting anxiously for book 3 to come out next month that I will definitely be purchasing the Audio.

I add this picture at the bottom because it's cute. If anyone knows who the artist is, let me know. I love this cover because I thought the original book cover (above) had Mad Rogan as a naked jaybird.

4 Stars

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