Thursday, January 26, 2017

Cast in Godfire by SM Reine

When I tell you that I'm tired ... I'm completely tired.

This book has run me ragged.

Because SO MUCH happens and SO MANY loose ends are tied up and SO MANY questions are answered, I won't give away much. But I will say ...

Everyone is trying to kill Marion. It's unbelievable ... I didn't think things could be this amazing.

The Genesis warp is opening very soon. When we left the last book, Rylie was losing her mind because Benjamin was missing, Seth/Death had gone back to being a God, and Marion was still 'dealing' with Konig. I only say 'dealing' because we weren't exactly sure where her loyalties were. I've read a lot of books (more than what I've reviewed), and I can only think of maybe 1 or 2 series' that weave things together as well as SM Reine did with this. The amount of shit that she had to work through in order to put all this into a 5 book series is beyond me. There are series' out there with 10 and 15 books that aren't half as good as this one. I will say that everything feels like it's been dumped on our lap. Too much hit me too fast.

It took me longer than usual to get through a book in this series just because there's so much to process. I'm so tired!

This book mainly consists of Seth trying to figure out how to deal with Marion and the Genesis warp. Also falling into that is the Benjamin/Nathaniel issue. And wow is that a blow to my senses when I found out how that worked out. Charity and Arawn are still hanging out and it's ... Weird. As weird as you may think it could be. But thankfully, even though Charity is hanging out with him, she's still herself. And even without her magical glasses, and while in Revenant form, she's still our Charity.

One thing that stuck out to me that I really didn't like was Konig's physical treatment of Marion. In a previous book by the author there was a scene where this big man absolutely physically brutalized the main female character. I almost cried. Same thing happened here. Konig beat Marion so badly that I put the book down for 5 days. I couldn't handle it.

Moving on ...

I like how things ended up and how things were resolved. Even with SM's other series', she's a master at tying it all up. She's a master at character development, she's a master at making me fucking hate the shit out of someone and she's a master at making me wonder why the hell someone is dealing with the idiot I hate in the first place. And if you've read any review I've done on one of SM's books, you'll know that I hate Rylie with every fiber of my being. And ... Spoiler!!!!! ... In a previous book, Death told Rylie how she would be killed and who by. I want you all to know that I'll be cheering cause the killer is my best friend and twin. Thanks, SM. Lol.

Anyway ... this book is never slow, it's so action packed. I always feel like SM writes her characters correctly. There's a never a moment where I feel like 'this isnt something she/he would do.'

While every other paranormal series out there is focusing on sex, it's really nice to know that someone out there is writing a great story with awesome characters that you can get into, without using filler-sex to make the desired page count.

At the end of this, the author says the next series will focus on Dana McIntyre. I'm not how sure that one will work out considering that she's a forgettable character to me. But I suppose we do need to follow her around a bit, see what Benjamin is up to, and how the Middle Worlds are faring since the fallout fight between Konig and Marion.

Thanks to SM and her team for providing this book in exchange for a review and I look forward to more from her other series' in the future.

4 Stars

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