Sunday, April 24, 2016

Cast in Angelfire by SM Reine

The Mage Craft Series, Book 1

A young woman, Marion, wakes up in a hospital without a stick of memory. The only thing she knows is her name is Marion. There really isn't much more info I need to give you because everything centers around the fact that this really important person has no idea who she is. But back up a bit. Before that, we get a glimpse of Marion going crazy psycho on a shifter wolf who tried to kill her to collect a bounty. Who wants her dead? Why? How did she lose her memory? Marion insists that the only way to restore her memory is to find a man named Seth Wilder. But first, she meets Dr. Lucas Flynn who treats preternaturals at his hospital. Being more than what he seems, he takes it upon himself to escort Marion home, or wherever she thinks home is. Unfortunately, they run into some trouble as assassins are trying to kill her before she is set to give a speech at a big summit. So obviously Marion is someone way more important than we realize.

It's important that I start this review by telling you that this world exists in a larger world that SM Reine has crafted. She has quite a lot of books in the same world so you'll be familiar with a couple of the names you run by during the storytelling. I was introduced to the author because I'd read Omega which is the story of Dierdre Tombs (I have a review on my blog). Unfortunately, like an idiot, I never did get around to reading any more of SM Reine's work. Why? I'm stupid. I even purchased 2 more books in the Dierdre series but hadn't yet gotten around to reading them. Why? I'm stupid. Why am I stupid? Because I'd forgotten how much I love Reine's work. Anyway ... Having read some of her work before starting this is not a requirement but is kinda fun if you can say to yourself  'OH YEA I KNOW HER!'

I don't even know how to start with what I loved because there was just so much. The world building is great, the character development is wonderful. Even if someone was being mysterious (Dr. Flynn), I was still all-in with this character when I wanted to kick Marion to the curb. I really enjoyed Dr. Flynn. He was a man about morals, not talking too much, and trying to get things done in a speedy fashion. He is by far my favorite character, next to the nurse, Charity Ballard, who is a very interesting version of herself. I really just enjoyed all the characters. I don't really say that because there will always be supporting characters that I hate, but there was not a single character I disliked. Now ... The story was done right. I think you get a feel of who Seth is from the beginning, but trying to figure out what's up with Dr. Flynn outweighs it. So for me, the characters and story are a great selling point alone.

What did I dislike? If I had to dislike anything, it was probably Marion. I didn't dislike her a lot but I just hate that damsel in distress. But since this is just book 1 and her memory has been restored, book 2 is gonna be wild!

I have nothing else to say about Cast in Angelfire. I loved it. I really want to go back and try to go through all of SM Reine's work. It's time for me to bug my library to get everything that they can in audio form. I wonder if her stuff is in audio form. I need to find out. LOVE ITTTTTTT!!!

4 1/2 Stars
IR: Dr Flynn (black)