Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Curse on the Land by Faith Hunter

Soulwood, Book 2

I've been sitting on this for a while. I've read it twice but wasn't quite sure how to put the review into words. Faith gets me all flustered sometimes. Lol.

Nell is a Psyled agent now and Unit 18 has been given their first case. It starts off with them investigating some strange animal occurrences while having to deal with Occam and RickyBo acting weird around the full moon. On top of that, Brother Ephraim is still 'swimming' around Soulwood trying to cause trouble but the land isn't having it.

I'm sure you've read a million reviews on this book already so I'm cutting to the chase.

Paka is a queen! Paka is my queen! Paka is your queen! PAKA IS THE QUEEN TO BE!

If you take nothing else from this, just remember that the queen of petty is Paka. In this book, you find out what the deal between RickyBo and Paka is. And it is glorious ... Simply glorious. Like ... Everything I've said or felt about Rick in regards to how things went down with Jane ... like ... I feel like a new person and Paka gave me this incredible feeling.

Ok ok ok ... This book isn't about Paka but there was so much satisfaction there. Anyway ... Nell has grown stronger, more confident and is much more likeable than before. I finally get a better since of all the members of Unit 18 but I have a bit of a bone to pick with Jojo and her attitude. Outside of that, I'm still excited about the series as I have been before book 1 was even finished.

4 Stars

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