Wednesday, August 3, 2016

My Favorite Diverse Books ... So Far

Series: Bone Street Rumba
Author: Daniel Jose Older
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Why I love it: To put it simply, the writing is superb. Each and every character is fully developed. The series is very diverse and also authentic in it's diversity, which isn't always the case in other books. It also gives a fresh take on what could be a 'zombie' that we hadn't seen before. Older does a great job of making you feel like every single character in the book.
Series: Tales of Y'Myran
Author: Shaylynn Rose
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Why I love it: It's a high fantasy, mildly diverse, lesbian story. The world building is divine and really a big draw for the story outside of the lead character, Azhani. She's kickass, smart, honorable, and well respected. I think the respect that everyone else in the book has for her sets this series apart from others with female leads.

Series: Jane Yellowrock
Author: Faith Hunter
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Why I love it: I pride myself on sticking by kickass females and Jane Yellowrock is the cream of the crop. This is a diverse book lead by a full blooded Native American Skinwalker. This Urban Fantasy series perfectly blends the real world with some seriously believable paranormal fiction.

Series: Iamos Trilogy
Author: Lyssa Chiavari
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Why I love it: This could possibly be the first Young Adult novel that I fully enjoyed. I was also surprised that I enjoyed a SciFi novel. The main thing I loved is the difference between one teen's upbringing verses the other's and how each processed it. Plus ... Those teens are smart!

Series: Population
Author: Elizabeth Stephens
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Why I love it: It's full length but fast paced with no filler BS and a black woman in the lead. You're tired by the time you finish, you're irritated, you're excited, you've been beaten up, nearly killed, or want to die ... And you love every word of it. This book, in my opinion, isn't one for anyone who is looking for some Dystopian fun with a love story. This is real work! 

Series: The Kingmaker Chronicles
Author: Amanda Bouchet
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Why I love it: This one isn't diverse but I have no doubt you'll love it as much as I did. I'm a sucker for kickass female leads and Cat is right up there with Jane Yellowrock and Kate Daniels. This is high fantasy with fire breathing, castles, armies and incredible character development. This series is new but I am eagerly awaiting the next book.

Series: Mage Craft Series
Author: SM Reine
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Why I love it: I hate to think of the people who enjoy diverse books but have slept on SM Reine. How could you? Every book is diverse whether the lead is or not. For this series, I simply enjoy Seth. It's like he changes from book to book but then not at all. The author has lots of series that all play in this world and everything ties in some form. And the plot twists?! Honey YES!

Series: Soulwood
Author: Faith Hunter
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Why I love it: This brand new series is different than the Jane Yellowrock books but set in the same world. Nell doesn't have the physical capabilities to match anyone in a fight but she has a special ability that will even the odds. I love this new series because this is something I haven't seen. The character development is wonderful and you fall in love with the characters quickly. And of course, the diversity is there.

Series: Kate Daniels
Author: Ilona Andrews
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Why I love it: Although I have not yet posted my review for this book, it will be coming soon. This is the only series that I feel can overtake Jane Yellowrock. Kate Daniels is the #1 most kickass female out right now. The series is diverse although some of it is masked. It still doesn't take away from anything. This is action at it's best. Character development and world building at it's best and everything counts. Everything. Even the separate novellas are just as good. This is the series you go through in one week and skip on sleep.

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