Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Chaos Rises by Pippa DaCosta

Chaos Rises, Book 1

I actually finished this book about a week and a half ago. I couldn't quite figure out if I really liked it and also what rating to give it.

Gem and Del are half-blood demons who were raised in a lab to be the big bad killer of demons. They are 'owned' by a higher level demon called Allard (who you may now as Azazel). He has them going out and basically catching lower level demons because he's a bit of a collector, and also, he sells the demons for things like medical research or as pets. Gem and Delta go out to capture a demon, but fail, and somehow Gem wakes up with no recollection of what happened and her brother, Del, is missing. The rest of the book is basically a long winding journey to find her brother. She has to deal with Allard, a very cool half-breed named Torrent, and another high level demon called Vanessa (Vanth). By the end of it, Gem starts losing herself to her inner demon before getting hold of it enough to make the rational decision to run away. Unfortunately, that doesn't go as planned.

I wouldn't say that there was anything particularly complicated about the book. It's an easy, moderately fast, read. It also has an interesting plot. The character development is actually very good and the world building is pretty decent also. I'm hoping that when you read it, you enjoy Pride as much as I did. I really look forward to dealing with him in the next book because Allard ... No ... Not interesting enough for me.

The only problem I had with the book was the blurb. The blurb set up this big bad brother and sister combo that was out painting the town red with demon blood. In reality, we don't get to see any of that. We get maybe one scene towards the end and even that isn't completed. So part of the problem I had with the rating started with the blurb, the book didn't do it justice. I liked the title, though, I thought it definitely related without being too symbolic like a lot of titles are these day.

Overall, it's a decent book. I would read book 2 because I love Pride and I also want to know about the outcome of book 1 and how it will be closed, or at least worked on. Other than that, it's solid and I would read the second when it comes out.

3 1/2 Stars
IR: Demons can take on whatever shape/race they want

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