Thursday, May 19, 2016

Saltlands by Elizabeth Stephens

Population, Book 2

Saltlands picks up exactly where Population left off. Kane has been captured by the Notare Elise. Abel and Mikey (Mikael - Kane's younger brother) have escaped her clutches only to try and figure out how to get Kane from her. Now we have an asshole of a brother, Mikey, treking across country to get Kane back using only the blood bond he shares with Abel. During their travel, Abel is ... Brutally beaten ... I mean ... BRUTALLY. Man ... Abel goes through so much shit in this book that I'm just tired! Anyway ... She ends up being brutally beaten after having to save Mikey's ass, who abandons her. He comes to his senses and goes to get her before going into the Saltlands (Seattle) to save Kane from Notare Elise and whatever she's doing to him.

I'm tired.

What did I like? Every f*cking thing imaginable. I can't even. Like. I liked Population but I LOVE Saltlands. I'm just. Yall. I can't. Being out in Population is as close to being in hell as you can get. I don't know of many authors who can accurately convey anxiety like Elizabeth Stephens can. You are CONSTANTLY anxious when out in Population because the sh*t is so real that you can't predict just how bad things will go. The interaction between Mikey and Abel was incredibly well written as well as Mikey's character development. From the very start of the book and up to the end, you can see every bit of change in him that he makes. Abel's 'fight' is still unmatched. I know of probably only 2 other fictional characters who could go through that amount of stuff and still keep ticking and holding on to their true selves in the process. Abel is one of the best written female protags out there. She's still very connected to her emotions but she just doesn't make those emotionally rash/charged decisions. The girls head is on straight even if she's half dead. The world building is impeccable, all the characters are written well. I really enjoyed the detail put into fleeting characters that reminded Abel of someone. It makes me think that we may be seeing them again in the next story. Now, although this ends Abel's story ... It's just the beginning of someone elses that will start in book 3. And I can honestly say that I am down for whoever the author pics to focus her next phase of this series on.

What did I not like about this? Absolutely nothing. *kanye shrug* It was on point. If I had to gripe on anything, I would have liked to see the Lavhe (sp?) in action more. I got the implication of how badass he was but I didn't get to see it.

Overall I'm still wanting to find out more about Abel being a human with her new 'specialty.' I would also like some kind of update about Abel's name. I really just want more. I feel like whining. I loved this so much. THanks so much to Elizabeth Stephens for sending it over. I'm just ... Mikey is a new favorite of mine.

Seriously ... I have 3 top favorite women in books. Jane Yellowrock, Kate Daniels, and Mercy Thompson (yes, I talk shit about Mercy but I still love her). I'm not yet about to add Abel to my list but I have a feeling I will be down the line.

5 Stars
IR: Abel (b/w) Kane (other)

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