Thursday, May 12, 2016

Beta by SM Reine

War of the Alphas, Book 2

Just want to start off by reminding everyone that the protag, Dierdre, is actually black ... Regardless of the cover.

Like an idiot, I'd forgotten the fact that I'd purchased this entire series and finally got into reading Beta. Beta is the continuation of Dierdre Tombs, a shapeshifter who can't shift and no one has any idea what the hell she is. In this book, Dierdre is serving as Everton Stark's beta and not enjoying it. Not only is Stark batshit crazy, still, but Dierdre's mind is becoming more and more twisted to match Stark's. If you remember from book 1 (or hadn't read it, which you should), she is undercover for the Alpha of all shifters, Rylie Gresham. Dierdre is supposed to be learning all the information she can and providing that intel to Rylie. However, now that Dierdre is starting see things from Stark's point of view, it causes an internal glitch and now she has to decide if this really is the life she wants to live. Aside from all of her internal struggles, there's a war going on between the Winter Court and the Summer Court. These guys are kind of like fairies. Super strong fairies. A set of them visit Stark and want him to get a weapon. They give him coordinates for it and as they go on their mission, it ends up being a trap and Dierdre gets arrested by OPA. As to not give anything away, Dierdre gets out, there's a big brawl at the end and we FINALLY get to see what Dierdre actually is and I'm so pleased because it isn't covered very much. I've only read one other book that has a character that is the same as Dierdre. Outside of that, we learn exactly what Everton Stark is too ... And then what he isn't that he thought he was. Now ... As far as book 3 goes, I'm starting that tomorrow.

What did I love? I love Dierdre. She's a great protagonist. I love Everton Stark because he's kind of like the protagonist AND the antagonist. I say that because outside of him doing horrible things to Dee and his people because he can, he's getting her hooked on Lethe, which is a drug. I came to the same conclusion as Dierdre, that he's doing it to control her. My heart kind of broke every time he supplied her with more. Anyway, Stark starts to sort of have a crisis of conscience in reference to Dee. You kind of feel it all through the book but it isn't as obvious so when it manifests, you're like ... okay yea, that makes sense. Back to Dee. She's not completely kick-ass but she's still pretty high in the ranks. I love reading any parts dealing with how her mind is changing in regards to the struggle of Stark over Rylie. And honestly, I think Rylie sealed the deal with her actions in this book BUT since I've read a book in another series that came after this, I have an idea of how this will play out. Anyway ... I really did enjoy Niamh, but I'm soooooooooooo gonna enjoy her more when Dierdre gets her hands on her. I think book 3 is going to be a clusterfuck of amazing vengeance and I am here for all that mess! Okay okay okay ... I really do like all the characters, I love the underground setting and the perpetual tension when Stark is in the room. You honestly never know if you're gonna get smacked for even breathing wrong.

What I didn't like? I can't think of one thing I didn't like. Thanks SM Reine. You got me hooked again, girl.

5 Stars

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