Monday, February 29, 2016

Banshee's Vengeance by Shaylynn Rose

Tales of Y'Myran, Book 2

Have you ever read a book and just been so tired afterward? It normally happens after I've read Kate Daniels or Jane Yellowrock but THIS ... This made me tired in the best way.

Bear with me, my spelling of names will be off.

Our Azhani has made it to queen Lyssera to at least speak with her before the queen passes her final judgement and to really feel her out. Thankfully, Queen Lyssera has already found Azhani innocent, and we can thank Stardancer Vashera for that. Along with her innocence, Azhani takes the role of Warleader. Why? Rimmerbeasts are out of season but coming out to play.

Across lands, King Arris is being driven mad by his 'teacher' Porthyros (I may be spelling it wrong). Porthyros is giving King Arris a tea that is keeping him appeased with him and taking every horrible suggestion that Porthyros throws his way. Not to mention King Arris has given himself over to that nasty demon Ecarthus. Things in his kingdom are so bad that people are being killed as sacrifice to Ecarthus, or they're running away scared.

Meanwhile, something sinister is going on right under the queen's nose. Not super sinister, but enough to cause alarm in the castle. Someone has been poisoned with Krill, the deadly agent that can kill you slowly over time. Now the castle is on high alert and Azhani has to go out and find any information she can. Once the information has been brought forth, all hell breaks loose inside the castle. That leads to some incredible things that happen down the line.

You should pay attention the trio of Devon, Syrelle, and Allyndev. That ending was a pleasant surprise. Some faces from book 1 will make their way into book 2. Azhani and Kyrian come in contact with some pretty amazing gods. And ... King Arris ... I won't spoil that for you.


My review of this book isn't going to be long. PLEASE GO GET IT!!!!

The world building is excellent. There's a point where Azhani has a big fight in the mountains and I could 'see' every block around me, every tree, the ground, everything! Character development is top notch. Even when you think you don't want to read about a certain person, it really becomes essential to know certain things later on. Like the trio I mentioned above, they absolutely grow in this book. I can't help but fall in love with all of the character because they're written so well, right down to the end. And the romance ... *fans self* ... This book features a lesbian couple but it is in noway over-the-top. It's really just beautiful love between two people are completely right for each other.

Nothing skipped around without explanation which is great for someone like me (I have ADD) because I never got lost. The vernacular was great! Even though it was all new to me, I felt like I was part of everyones conversation. Just transporting me from my room to the tent with Azhani and Kyrian was awesome. I feel so alone now, lol.

If I could change one thing, it would be something dealing with King Arris, however, it was perfectly done by the author. Loved it! Thanks for this Shaylynn Rose!

5 Stars
IR: Azhani (Dark Brown Skin) Kyrian (Fair Skin)

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