Monday, December 21, 2015

Fire Touched by Patricia Briggs

Mercy Thompson, Book 9

Netgalley for the WIN!

I've had my ups and downs with this series. I would feel like it would be really great and then slow down ... Kind of like TV show episodes. Perfect example would be The Walking Dead. You'd get all this amazingness, then they give you an entire hour and a half episode about Morgan. I'm not saying Morgan isn't worth it, but they could have told his story in half an hour. That's what River Marked and 1 or 2 other books did for me.

I'm off the wagon.

Book 8 was the one where I really thought that I was here for Mercy. Book 9 confirmed it.

There's a troll on the bridge. The pack are called so they can put a stop to it. In the midst of the situation, we meet a 10-ish year old boy, a Fire Touched boy, who escaped from Underhill. If you're not familiar with Underhill, it's a very ... scary ... fae place. Anyway, Underhill wants the boy back and Mercy decides to protect him. Doing this could potentially start a war with the fae and no one (well, some fae want it) wants that so a treaty is proposed. In order to fulfill this treaty and make everyone happy, the fae want an artifact of value that Mercy, the boy, and Adam have to go into Underhill to retrieve.

Of course, nothing is as easy as I make it sound and there are plenty of things that I've left out intentionally as to not give away any spoilers.

My one big mistake when reading this book was that I did not go back and read (or listen to) the previous 8. I only read 1 over again and it was book 8 with the Tibicena because I loooooove how things turned out with Mercy vs. Christy. Why didn't I? I find that I can get more 'reading' done if I listen to an audiobook. Thankfully, my library has almost every big series that I read. This one, I couldn't stand the narrator's voice. But, I digress.

I love action over romance, it's the main reason I like this series. Patricia Briggs can make you feel the love, warmth, and desire without devoting an entire 10 chapters to building up a long drawn out sex scene. In this world, there's too much to be done.I feel so exhausted sometimes for the pack because it seems like Mercy is always getting them into some shit. But isn't that part of her charm?

I find it a little ironic too. In dealing with Christy, it was often stated that she could make someone want to take care of her. She would feel bad about something and then everyone was 'awww Christy, its okay, we'll protect you.' Isn't that kind of what's happening with Mercy? She's doing all this junk and the pack seem to fall in line even if they don't want to because they often have no choice. Now Mercy isn't totally to blame for everything, certainly not the Tibicena, but Mercy is kind of special. I think Patricia Briggs has worked really hard to make us, the readers, see how special Mercy is by showing us how special she isn't. In a pack of wolves, in a world of fae and vamps, she's incredibly average, but some of the strongest of the other supernats seem to have some kind of like/respect for her. I wonder if she'll blossom into something else later in the series. I kind of hope she doesn't because ... Mercy is that person we would be if we lived that world. Sure, my kid would ask what super power I would want or if I would want to be a vamp or a werewolf, but if this world were real, far more of us would be a Mercy than an Adam.

That ... Is the charm of this series. That is the charm of book 9. Mercy is kind of accepting that bad things happen because of or around her and she kind of feels like she might have to start apologizing, but not really. Not only that, but she isn't equipped to handle all the shit she throws at the fan. Lucky for her, she has people around her who will try their best to shield her from the backlash of it. Zee, Tad, Adam,even Beauclaire (whom I adore).

I'm totally rambling. If you've read the previous 8 books, a lot of WHY somethings happened will be explained in this one. Especially the RiverMarked bit. It's short but explains quite a lot.

Anyway ... I say definitely get this one. I enjoyed Thomas and Margaret. I tend to really enjoy Jesse and would like more time devoted to her in the future. Please pay attention when reading this one because small things will make a difference by the end and you're going to wonder how you missed that bit of info.

God this review sucked. Lol. But hey, loved the book!

4 1/2 Stars