Monday, November 16, 2015

Whispers of Shadow & Flame by L. Penelope

Earthsinger Chronicles, Book 2

L Penelope ... How I love thee. See? I'm a writer too. Lol. On to business. YASSSSSSSSSSS!

I must say first that this book, book 2, is running parallel to book 1.

Book 2 is the story of the Shadowfox and the Poison Flame. The Shadowfox is an uber powerful Earthsinger that the True Father wants so he can drain him of his Song. The Poison Flame works for the True Father because she has a very interesting Song of her own. The Poison Flame is a Nethersinger. Where Earthsong is for healing and life and all that goodness, Nethersong is death in your face. The Cantor, a 'Singer' (I use that term loosely for her, you will find out why), works under the True Father and the Poison Flame (aka Kyara) is the Cantor's hitwoman.

Now ... As far as the story goes, a Caldera needs to be found so that the Mantle can come down and the True Father can wreak some havoc. This is going to be difficult to explain so I wont. It's best you read both books yourself. You don't NEED to read book 1 but it's highly recommended because of the way this book references the goings-on from book 1 since everything is happening at the same time. I think later. I'll go back and read both books back to back so I can truly get a better understanding.

Anyway, along with this war thats being waged, there is a side story dealing with Kyara and Darvyn. They basically ... Fall in love. It's pretty conventional, but at the same time, somebody has to forsake their task in life to deal with the other. That's where the true test (in my opinion) comes in and something we'll get to deal with (I hope) in book 3. Also, Shadow Fox and the Keepers are still trying to smuggle children to safety so they don't have to be given over to the True Father.

There are so many tiny intricacies that make a world of difference and lots of things I didn't mention. Those things are best left for you to interpret WHEN you read it. Cause you better be reading it. I'm excited about this series. I loved book 1, I love book 2. Thank you L Penelope for sending this over. Can't wait for book 3!

4 Stars
AA everywhere