Thursday, September 10, 2015

The First: Evo Uprising by Kipjo Ewers

The First, Book 2

Book 2 begins years after the end of book 1. The blast that Sophia warded off has turned into something much much more. Now, a crop of 'superheroes' and 'villains' have sprang up all over the world. The Evo Uprising. The United States needs heroes so they decided to recruit. Unfortunately only 4 made the cut. 3 really, the other was in by default.

In short, I enjoyed the book. I enjoyed the fights of epic proportion, especially the end. It was grand and huge the way a superhero/villain fight should be.

I am begging the author to get an editor. Book 2 even had  a name spelled wrong in it. A name. I was so annoyed by the errors that I nearly forgot what was going on at the time.

Anyway, the book is good. Sophia is wonderful, Kimberly is wonderful, even Abe turns into a real person by the end of it all. The monologues are horrifically long. Especially those by 'Peace.' Book 3 is most likely in the works because there is a big one left at the end for us to sink our teeth into. I'll definitely continue the series, but please ... Get an editor.

3 Stars