Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Redzone by William C Dietz

Book 2, The Mutant Files

In book 2, Cassandra Lee has to go into the Redzone. Why? We'll get to that in a second.

The Bonebreaker is still on the loose and has his sights set on Detective Lee. Where as in the first book, he overlooked her, sighting that God didn't want him to kill her yet. Now, with book 2, there is a Bonebreaker impostor. The real Bonebreaker becomes so upset by this impostor that he works WITH Detective Lee in order to have him caught. But this is only after he's mentally incapacitated her for a short time.

So much happens in this book that my mind is scattered.


Outside of catching the impostor Bonebreaker, Detective Lee gets a letter from a woman, her mother, who lives in the Redzone. After Lee has been mentally cleared, she sets off to go see this woman despite whatever dangers may befall her. When she does get to see her mother, she finds out the real reason for wanting her to come; to smuggle her half-brother out of the Redzone so he can live a normal life. Apparently her mother had a son with a mutant.


Remember the problem I had in book one where Cassandra had sex with Ras Omo, even though he was a mutant, but she couldn't breathe the same air as him? Weird. Anyway ...

Her mother had a son with her mutant husband but the boy, I think his name was James, is not a carrier of B Nosilla. He's a mutant but basically can't pass it on. He doesn't even have a disfigurement. Although, you find out later that he can see in the dark.

That's neither here nor there.

Inside that whole Heevy (the man Lee's mom married) family is a bunch of mess. James, the brother, is sleeping with one of his fathers wives. Some people die, then Cassandra and James make a run for it. Why? Because even though her mom was a heartless b*tch, Cassandra still would keep her word and help James get out of the Redzone.

SPOILER ALERT (highlight to read spoiler): The brother dies when daddy Heevy sends people to kill him for sleeping with his wife. But hey, at least Cassandra tried.

I like that there was no love lost there. I was a little tickled.

And by the end of it, someone is following her out of the Redzone and shooting rockets into her apartment. SWEET!


Now that you know what's going on, it's time for me to tell you how I really feel.

This series is all guns blazing and action movie fun and violence. Cassandra Lee is exactly the big budget action star you want to see on screen. If this were a movie, I'd definitely go see it. Not to mention, I haven't run across any more series' with a WOC leading this type. Cassandra is exactly the badass cop that any man is. But she's boring as hell.

Just like with the first book, Cassandra's personality is lacking everything. I don't understand how she ends up dating a man in this book when there's no lead-in, no romance, just conversation that seems overly friendly. And then how did they get around to having sex? Getting comfortable in his apartment? There's nothing else in this book that supports this happening. They basically seem like friends and maybe Lee has a little crush on him, but that's all.

Another problem I had with the book, and the series I'm sure, is that you can tell a man is writing it. Those little emotional connections that women have, even if they think they don't have them, Cassandra doesn't have. She's basically a nice man in a woman's body.

There was only a mention of Deputy Ras Omo but he doesn't make an appearance.

Overall, Lee needs a personality overhaul immediately. She's boring as shit unless she's actively working, meaning shooting someone. That's when she shines. It all goes down hill when she opens her mouth.

Will I keep reading the series? No. Will I support it? Absolutely. A WOC lead cop series is needed. Im sure someone will like Lee. I just can't, not matter how hard I try.


Can we just talk about how flawless the covers are for a second? Below is the cover for book 3, Graveyard. Just delicious.

3 Stars
IR: Lee (AA) Kane (W)

Book Cover Porn: Shadow Rites

No Jane Yellowrock book cover has disappointed me. I needed to share this in all its glory.