Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Day Shift by Charlaine Harris

Midnight, Texas - Book 2

This is going to be hard to admit, but I never read a Charlaine Harris book prior to True Blood. I knew, when the TV series began, that it was based on the Sookie Stackhouse books by Charlaine Harris, but even after the show ended, I didn't read any of her stuff. Nothing against it, I just never got around to it.

Midnight, Texas is a small town with under 10 people in it. Everyone in town knows each other and works in town as well ... if you can call it a town at all. The story starts off with Manfred, the town (and world renowned) psychic. He leaves town to do a reading for a long time customer who ends up dying during the reading. To make matters worse, the customer's son accuses Manfred of stealing the woman's jewelry. This is where Olivia comes in. Olivia seemed to be a bit of a mystery until we find out how resourceful she is and how many skeletons are in her closet. The town reverend makes her help Manfred out of his situation because the last thing Midnight, Texas needs is attention.

Unfortunately, that's what it got. An old hotel is being restored and older people are moving in ... being made to move in. So all together, in this book, we're dealing with the case against Manfred, the hotel re-opening, a telepath, and a mysterious growing boy. Not to mention how 'special' the few residents of Midnight are. With all this going on at once, you won't want to stop reading until you find out everyone's secrets. Sookie is even mentioned.

Each persons secrets are slowly revealed throughout the book so there isn't a big bomb dropped at any given time. Information is given to you in a way that's eased in so smoothly that you go ... OKAY WHAT? However, it makes perfect sense. It's not the narrator giving you the information, it's the dialogue giving it to you. It's no shock to them, but it's a shock to us.

This is book 2 of the series but you don't necessarily need book 1 in order to enjoy book 2. Book 1 had a separate issue to deal with you. Sure, you'll want to read it, but book 2 has the vital information you need.

This review is short but overall, I thought the book was a fun read. I enjoyed really feeling like I was living in Midnight with everyone. I know everyone's character, even Mr. Snuggly. It's such a small place that you kind of implant yourself in someones home. By the time the book was over, I was ready for book 3. I wonder who it will focus on next time. I have an idea but I could always be wrong.

4 1/2 Stars
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