Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Burn for Me by Ilona Andrews

Hidden Legacy, Book 1

Coming off of a Kate Daniels high, I wasn't quite sure how much I would enjoy another series of hers. I'm like that with Faith Hunter as well. I'm so engrossed in the one character that I don't think the author can write anyone else I'd enjoy. Ilona Andrews has opened my eyes and I will now be reading everything she's written, along with everything else Faith Hunter has written. Anyway ...

This is a new series. Book 1 came out in 2014 but book 2 is not yet out. It has apparently been delayed.

First, some background on this series. In the 1800s, someone created a serum that would give people magical powers. Centuries later, people with powers have begun marrying and having children with other people who have powers in order to elevate their social status. If things go well, you will end up giving birth to a Prime. Primes are exactly what you think. They are the elite of the elite when it comes to using their specific magics.

Now ... We meet Nevada Baylor. She's a PI with very little magic. She's a human lie detector (but can later do more than she was ever aware of). So she's basically in the right line of work. Anyway, her investigative firm is owned by a large company owned by a Prime. This Prime tasks her with bringing in another Prime. So how in the world can a woman with very little magic bring in a Prime Pyrokenetic? Mad Rogan, that's how. Mad Rogan, you will find out, ends up being the kind of Prime you run from when you see him, which is exactly what Nevada did. He's a celebrity in Houston (not for a good reason, after all, they call him 'Mad' Rogan), and a Prime Telekenetic. To make a long story short, he ends up helping Nevada bring down Pierce, but not before realizing he has a thing for her, and she continues to turn him down.

The romance that develops is quick and steamy. There's never anything vulgar about Ilona Andrews' style of writing. As a matter of fact, in the Kate Daniel series, out of the 6 I've read (or heard), I only remember 1 sex scene. The rest alluded to sex or they woke up naked and feeling awesome. Anyway, the action in this is fun. I just felt such a rush when I was listening to the audio version of this book. When Mad Rogan was tearing buildings apart, I could see it happening. It was just beautiful.

I'm in love. I hope the delay isn't too much longer. In the meantime, I need to get to book 7 of the Kate Daniels series and wait patiently for more from this new favorite author of mine.

I can't rate this one as high as I have other works by Ilona Andrews, simply because I'm more of a FIGHT FIGHT KILL kind of girl and that's definitely not Nevada Baylor. Still, I really like the character, Mad Rogan, and Nevada's family a lot.

4 Stars
Random diversity throughout

There are a lot of visual on the Ilona Andrews website. I love when authors have visuals.

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