Monday, August 31, 2015

The First by Kipjo Ewers

I have seen this book, and book 2, all over the place. I was thrilled that Netgalley offered it up and even more thrilled that I was approved.

This should be a movie. Honestly. If you've been as tired as I have of all these super hero movies with maybe that 1 token minority, this would set your mind and spirit at ease.

Sophia Dennison was executed for killing her husband. Except ... The execution didn't take. Then ... She was shot to death while she tried to get out of the prison. That didn't take either. She took several bullets to the head and absolutely everywhere and nothing stopped her. Well it stopped her, but not for long.

Now that she's free, after being killed, she decides to find out what happened. She was executed for killing her husband. But she will learn that she didn't kill her husband, a secret government organization did. So not only do they want to shut her up, they want to find out about her new found powers. After all, they did it to her, not realizing what would happen.

That's the book, in a nutshell. But the amazingness you experience while reading, can't be explained.

First let me say that their are so many grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors that my head spun. It made me wonder if the author learned English as a second language and didn't have an editor that spoke English as a first language. Some phrases were repeated, almost verbatim and, at times, it was unclear who was speaking.

The battle scenes were on an epic scale. They were exactly what you would want to see out of a big budget superhero/comic movie. Skyscraper destruction, missles, robocops (in my head the suites the bad guys wore looked like that to me), people being punched through walls, secret government facilities with cool gadgets. I mean ... the nerddom here is INFINITE. It was exciting and fun and you're going to wish to see this 6 foot tall, dark skinned, dreadlocked, glowing-eyed beauty on the big screen.

4.5 Stars (only because an editor wasn't used)
IR everywhere. Incredibly diverse.

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