Thursday, July 23, 2015

Inner Demons by Gloria Oliver

This will be a spoilery post.

Inner Demons is the story of a woman who is missing a chunk of her memory. She 'wakes up' in an unfamiliar outfit and goes to her unfamiliar apartment. Tamara was possessed by a demon and is now left to pick up the pieces after the thing basically destroyed her reputation. After she's come down from the demon possession, she meets Jensen White. He's an x-priest who works for an order that deals with demons and the devil and all that good stuff. We find that the demon that possessed Tamara was monitoring a couple of brothers, Jared and Ross, close by. They aren't what they appear to be, but much more. And what they actually have is what the demons are after.

I finished this book weeks ago. Maybe even a month ago. It's taken me that long to decide if I liked it.

First, the characters. I found Tamara to be pretentious and hard headed, which is the case with a lot of books like this so that's no shade to the author. It's just the norm. I felt as though the characters weren't 'painted' very well. 3 out of the 4 characters had interchangeable personalities, speech patterns and everything. If you took names away, you would think 3 people were the same. The only interesting person was one of the brothers, Ross, he seemed to have the most personality and I found myself hoping he had more page time.

Second, the world building. It was lacking. I was actually pretty hyped because I'm a Texan but the world building didn't transport me. Well ... I'm halfway lying. There was more time spent on describing Jensen's safe-house/cabin than what Jensen looked like. I honestly can't remember. The brothers, I definitely remember them, right down to the nose, but Jensen was forgettable.

Lastly, the writing style. It was easy and free flowing. There were some grammatical errors but not many. Everything was easy to follow.

Overall, I just didn't like Tamara. Something about her felt very high school. I kept reading because I was hoping she'd be maimed or killed at the end. It seems as though this book has signs that their could be a part 2 but if not, it can remain as is. I do, however, hope the author continues to write. I thought the plot was interesting and well thought out and written easily. OH  ... her style reminds me of Shelly Laurenston a bit. Just a bit. Anyway. I'm hoping for more from the author so I can see what she does with the next lead she writes. Just looking for some growth.

2 Stars
Tamara (AA) Jensen (White)

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  1. Just so you know I didn't feel spoiled at all. This review was informative, straight to the point and enough to get me interested in this book. Not a must read but a decent read when I find the time. If this is the author's first book or first year publishing she should be given the benefit of a doubt that her skills as a story teller will improve. I read early books of Nora Roberts, Jayne Anne Krentz and Shelly Laurenston they left much to be desired. Thank you for writing this review.