Monday, May 11, 2015

Where There's Smoke by Cari Z

Panopolis, Book 1

Is it weird that I've already forgotten the main characters name and I just finished this a couple of days ago? EDWARD. That's it.

So Edward is a regular guy who moved to a city called Panopolis. Panopolis is basically your Gotham. It's overrun with villains and heroes. Edward moves there to basically put some excitement into his life. Definitely can't blame him there. Anyway, Edward works at a bank that gets robbed by the Mad Bombadier. Not only is Edward shaking his boots, but actually helps the Mad Bombadier escape the hero whose name I can't remember. Oh, Freight Train. SPOILER ALERT (highlight to see spoiler), Edward ends up being caught and jailed as the Mad Bombadier's accomplice before he is broken out of jail with new powers of his own. That part made it actually worth the read. Where There's Smoke will 100% remind you of comic book grandeur without the added benefit of pictures.

First, I'm not sure if Cari Z is male or female but this book definitely reads as if a female wrote it.

I like the fact that Edward and Raul (Mad Bombadier) weren't marketed as gay, but ... They weren't marketed as gay. This is diverse content that those who are hunting for diverse reads need to know about. On the flip side, it's not a big deal that they're gay to begin with. It simply isn't mentioned. I think, judging by the tone of the book, that this was fine. You get pulled into a superhero story before you realize that this guy has the hots for this guy.

Although this book seems to be a lot shorter than a novella, details were apparently not a big deal when it came to telling the story. I knew what Raul looked like but I had no idea what anyone else looked like. Maybe something about hair was mentioned or a forcefield for someone else but details were nonexistent. I suppose that for a read as quick as this one, some things can be sacrificed to keep the story moving as quickly as it was.

For the length of the book, the sex could have been left out and more story filled in. I guess if the sex is important to the author, then it had to be there, but again ... The book read as if a woman wrote it so the sex scenes are very feminine when neither man is.

I can't say that I liked the book but I didn't NOT like the book. There was just so much missing in content. I've read shorties before but even those had better character development. I won't be reading the next one or suggesting someone else read it unless they specifically ask me for an m/m super hero shorter-than-novella.

2 Stars
IR ... Raul (Latino)

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