Monday, May 11, 2015

Angelborn by L Penelope

This is going to sound weird but ... I hated the book. Still ... I highly recommend it.

Caleb is angelborn (half angel ... human father) and without a soul. Many years before, he and his soulmate died before she could share her soul with his. That sent him to the Wasteland. He ends up escaping thanks to a friend I hope to see in book 2. Anyway ... His friend gives him the current name of the reborn soul he's looking for and he finds out she's a student at Douglas University.

This is where things got confusing.

Due to the POV changing with every single chapter, I literally forgot whose eyes I was seeing through when it came to Maia and Genna, the roommates. Maia is your typical goth girl while Genna is your typical black girl. There was nothing that really stood out about either girl except for Maia's background and the fact that both girls (Or maybe just Maia, I was insanely confused) could see the dead. I think maybe just Maia because she spent the most time hating that ability. Anyway, Caleb shows up in their dorm room and Maia introduces them. This is where Caleb starts trying to win Genna's love so they could bind.

The only problem there is, while he's trying to deal with Genna, he's falling for Maia. He's rescuing her from nightmares and paying far too much attention to her to be trying to bind with Genna.

Out of the sky comes Helix, a special type of angel who gives Maia and offer ... Take away the ability to see the dead and give him sex in return. Maia agrees and Caleb becomes very unhappy because he's unclear on what Helix's intentions are.

In the end, after so much is said and done, Genna attempts to bind with with Caleb ... And it doesn't work. Instead, something happens with Maia ... And that's when I decided I hated the book.


My problem was, there were all these flashbacks and all this talk about Genna/Viv and she ends up not being his soul mate after all. Maia does. He'd basically gotten it wrong (highlight for spoiler). So now I'm literally seeing red and reading the outcome and after I finished it, I had to cool off for a couple of days before I wrote this review, otherwise it would have been a cursing fit.

So now that I've thought on it ... Even though I seriously hated it ... I would love to continue on with the series and see what will happen with Helix and the angel friend that helped Caleb escape. In book 2 I hope that I can 'see' everyone a little more clearly. I thought character descriptions were lacking. I thought a lot of personality was lacking for Genna which should have been a clue for me considering I knew what everyone else looked like at least a little. The love story in itself is really great even though it flipped on me, but that is a strong suit all on its own. Great job, L. Still love ya!

3 1/2 Stars
Ir everywhere
BTW, L Penelope is the author of Song of Blood and Stone, which I loved. FYI.

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