Monday, March 16, 2015

The Unleashing by Shelly Laurenston

Book 1

Shelly Laurenston has come back with a new book about her infamous Crows. Some time ago, I read a book called Hunting Season which focused on the Crows and the heroine, Denise, who was said to be somewhere along the lines of black or maybe south american. I also read wolf and cat shifting books of hers that were IR and fun reads. This one is along the same lines.

Kera Watson is a former Marine who is said to be something like black and Filipino. With the Crows, the goddess Skuld, basically gets them at the point of death and asks them to choose between regular death or coming back more powerful than before but a Crow for Skuld. They'll still look normal, but they get something enhanced and they also get cool Crow wings.

Anyway, the main issue that I always had with her books is that they read a little like Fan Fiction. I would know. My friend and I used to be the IR Fan Fic queens back in the day. Although our stuff was a bit more detailed, this is definitely Fan Fiction. There are so many characters introduced and not many details about them are given. Personalities are interchangeable across the board and some of the men are just plain silly. I don't know how many times I slapped my forehead when the big scary man, Vig, acted like a love sick puppy.

Over the course of the book, Kera was coming to terms with her new life. She didn't know how to relax and had too much love for her dog. I love dogs but she, and the rest of the Crows, work my nerves about the dog. However, I will say, the dog was enhanced as well and I enjoyed it. Anyway, some magical things are being stolen and the Crows are being blamed for it. All things point to a possible Goddess being brought into the mortal world and she will be a big deal in the installments to come. Although this reads like Fan Fic, it's just so much fun. The story is light, the sex is gratuitous and I skip it, but I like the group. Something about it pulls you in if you can get past the lack of detail and character building.

Looking forward to book 2.

Let me also say that the cover model is FINE but not a good representation of Vig.

3 Stars
IR: Kera (Dark Skinned)

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