Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Deadeye by William C. Dietz

The Mutant Files, Book 1

Deadeye takes place in the future where a biological war took place in the past and changed the face of the world. B Nosilla is an airborne pathogen that makes you sick, and if it doesn't kill you, mutates you. Detective Cassandra Lee lives in a world where Freaks are brushed aside to certain areas of the state with substandard living conditions while the Norms are living life how they want, assuming they don't contract B Nosilla. The trip is that you can be a mutant but not be a carrier of B Nosilla. Others aren't so lucky so all mutants are pushed out.

There is an underlying story going on in Deadeye. The underlying story is that Lee is working on solving her father's murder. Her father, like Lee, was an officer, but was killed by a cop-killer called the Bonebreaker. 

 Now. Cassandra Lee is what people call Deadeye. When she shoots, she always hits her mark. In one sequence, she actually killed 9 people to try and save her partner at the time, Conti.

Anyway, Lee is asked to find a woman named Amanda Scree (or Screed. Can't remember). She is the daughter of Bishop Scree, who runs a church of purity. As Lee is put on the job, Chief McGinty things it would be a good idea to partner her with someone from a mutant police department. Here we meet Deputy Omo.

Ras Omo is a mutant, latin, and from The Republic of Texas. He ends up being the perfect partner for Lee when everything else fails. He's bullet proof. Not really. But it's a nice thought considering her previous partners were killed.

Omo and Lee are sent to find Amanda Scree in Freak territory. They end up diving deep into trafficking operations of drugs and normal women.

What did I think? I had a really hard time getting into it. I thought the world building was decent but the character development just wasn't there. In fact, I felt as though Lee and Omo's personalities were exactly the same. I felt every police chiefs personalities were exactly the same and I felt every bad guys personalities were exactly the same. I had a lot of 'head to desk' moments. The main one being when Lee and Omo had sex ............................................

If B. Nosilla is airborne, how did they have sex with no consequences to Lee? Maybe Omo, though a mutant, isn't a carrier ...? That's the only thing I can think of. Still, the lead-in was just terrible. Their was no romance to this story at all. I'm always fine with that, but how do you go from no romance and no sexual tension to having sex in the blink of an eye. Why did this happen? This story was fine with out it, it wasn't even needed, it was just forced upon the reader. Their loving each other wasn't even believable because it felt like they were just doing something or feeling some way to pass the time.

I thought the Bonebreaker was just horrible.

By the way. The entire time, The narrating voice in my head sounded like an old 1950's detective movie. The book even had that feel.

So yea the Bonebreaker was horrible. He had the opportunity to kill both Lee and Omo but decided he wasn't read yet so he'd save their asses now and kill Lee later when he felt like it.

I can't even say that I liked the escape or the ending because so much was just blah.
Too many POV changes.
You can just tell this book was written by a man.
The only likable character was killed early on.
Too many plotholes in the main part of the book ... The mutagen pathogen,

Now I have to figure out if I'll continue reading the series. Yes, the lead is a Black woman. Her love interest is a Latino mutant. The cast is pretty diverse. But mannnnnnnn, it feels like a pain to read because things are just so ... easy. No. Not easy ... But just not great. I think I just had too high hopes for it and was really let down.

Keep reading or not? Ok yes, I'll keep reading, just because I want to find out if Cassandra will contract B. Nosilla or not. That's the only reason.

2 1/2 Stars

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