Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Dead Heat by Patricia Briggs

Alpha and Omega, Book 4

I quietly read the entire series last year. I didn't review it. I wasn't convinced yet that Patricia Briggs could craft a heroine that I liked. I've been steady into the Mercy Thompson series but never felt like I could ride with her. She always needed to be saved. So I found that this series, Alpha and Omega, was set in the same world as the Mercy Thompson series and it featured a big beautiful Native American as the hero. While the hero, Charles, always delivered, I was still left feeling as though I needed more from Anna.

Anna's birthday is coming up and Charles has decided to buy her a horse. They're heavy into riding. They go visit a horse ranch where an 80 year old human friend of Charles' is dying from cancer. Charles being the stone faced emotional man that he is, hasn't been to see his friend since he was deemed 'old' by human standards. You know, when you're a near immortal werewolf, human years don't compute. Anyway, Joseph is the son of Hosteen, the alpha werewolf of that area.

Coincidentally, when Anna and Charles arrive, some things happen. Kage is the son of Joseph. He's married to a woman named Chelsea, who somehow decided she wanted to kill her children that day. Thankfully, she didn't, she decided to try and kill herself instead. But Charles and Anna have to figure out what happened. That's when Leslie comes into the picture.

This series isn't super big on diversity. Yes, we have lots of Native American characters, but anything else? Not much ... Leslie is a black FBI agent who helped them out in a previous book. She was called again to help here since she joined them on their previous super natural mission. But unfortunately, she's not very useful in this one. We also meet two CANTRIP agents, one who is half fae but knows nothing about his fae heritage.

The thing I found most interesting was the fae power. The fae in question created dolls of children out of sticks. The stick doll would be given something of the child's, along with hair, and the fae could animate it to be the child it's taking the place of. Meanwhile, the real child is in suspended animation somewhere. Their mission is not only buy Anna a horse, but to say goodbye to Joseph, get rid of the fae that's stealing children to make dolls out of, and make sure a newly turned wolf isn't going off her rocker, ALL WHILE Anna tried to convince Charles that they should have a child.

I'm going to give this one 3 stars because I love the creativity of Patricia Briggs in crafting the fae creatures that Charles and Anna deal with. I absolutely love that part. I even went so far, while reading this book, as to say 'oh, that's interesting,' in a non-sarcastic way. That's the number one reason why I have kept up with anything Patricia Briggs. She puts a lot more into her secondary characters, tertiary characters, and opposition, than I feel she does with her main character. Even though I know Anna and I know Mercy, I don't like them. Well ... Mercy is okay after the last book, but I still don't have this sense of affection for Anna.

When Anna shows up, I immediately feel like she's there to talk someone out of a bad situation or show up when things get really hairy to drop the final blow that will end it all. And that's usually her getting lucky. Also ... There's a lot of horse talk. I love horses but don't know any of the terminology or anything about breeding or the breed name. I just know if it's big and pretty or not. So all the complicated horse talk went right over my head. Just a warning.

3 Stars
Decent Diversity

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