Friday, January 2, 2015

Santeria Isn't Dead!

So I've been having this battle with the author Kenya Wright. In my head. :-) She started this amazing urban fantasy series, interracial, with so many amazing things about it. The main thing, for me, was it was light on the sex. But as the series went on, by book 3, there was so much I couldn't even review it. I felt like because she was blossoming into a romance/erotic book selling queen (she actually overtook Zane this past week. How amazing is that?), that maybe it slipped out into her urban fantasy series.

Since I bugged her to the level of annoyance, she's decided to start on book 4 in February (and I took several screenshots of her saying this would happen, lol). I am hoping to glory that she revisits the goodness of book 1.

With that said, she has brand new covers that are pretty freaking BEAUTIFUL!

Shout out to Jackie Sheats Sheats, who is working on Book 4's cover Lake of Fire. It will be presenting a very important character in the new story.
Book One (FREE):
Book Two:
Book Three: Updated link coming soon

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