Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Broken Shadows by AJ Larrieu

Shadowminds, Book 3

Mina is ... Was ... A Shadowmind. Shadowminds are people with some kind of telepathic or telekenetic ability. Their are more types but those are the main two. Anyhow, Mina is attacked in her passed and her powers left her. Afterwards, she moved to California and that's where the story begins.

Mina is attacked once more and it triggers a new powerful ability, to ground a shadowmind. Grounding is basically sucking the 'shadow' out of someone and into herself. It's very X-Men Rogue-ish. It leads to her not being able to touch anyone until she can learn to control it. That's where Simon comes in. Simon is her new boss and begins to help her learn how to control it and dissipate the energy. While Simon is basically helping Mina learn about her new powers, Jackson, her potential love interest, wants to keep her powers under wraps because they can prove to be pretty valuable.

Anyway, things start going sideways when Jackson, Mina, and the crew find out that their are shadowminds taking some soft of enhancing drug that make their abilities that much stronger. And if they don't take it, they end up dead. While hot on the trail of this, Mina brings herself into the mix to help find out what's going on and to find a missing person Jackson's friend has been looking for.

When the ish starts hitting the fan, and you find out who the culprit is, you'll simply go, 'oh okay,' because you saw it coming. Well. I'm lying. Their are so many potential bad guys in this one that you'll just say 'oh okay, it was him,' and then something else happens and you say, 'oh okay ... I got it now.'

It took a bit for me to get into it, but once I did, I was there.

The main issue I had with the book was the imagery. I never got a good feel of what anyone looked like. I knew exactly what the apartment looked like, the bar, the cabin, the boat, but not the people. All I knew about Mina is that she was black with short curly hair. I wasn't sure how short, I wasn't sure how black she was until we learn she's actually biracial that is a bit too dark to be considered biracial. I can't tell you what Jackson looked like other than he was hot wit ha nice body. I think an eye and hair color and tattoos were mentioned but that was it. Malik was described decently. Sebastian had a major stand-out feature so you'll kind of make it up in your head once you find that out.

This is book one and it looks as though their are 2 more books, could be more. The covers are not as diverse as this but I'm hoping the books will be as this one was. I think I'll continue with the series. It's fresh, could use a little work, but I like it and can't wait to read books 1 and 2.

3 1/2 Stars
Diversity: Mina (Biracial), Malik (AA)

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