Friday, January 2, 2015

Black Tiger by Greta van der Rol

Well ... Just ... Well ... I didn't get very far.

First of all, I requested this book from Netgalley because their was in Indian man on the cover. Yes! It's not something I often see so I was incredibly excited about the potential diversity.

Dr. Sally, who is from Australia, has taken a job as a doctor in a village. She also has a love of tigers.

She immediately begins having unsavory thoughts about Asok, also known as Ash, a gorgeous Indian raja who she will be staying with. I am quoting the book when I say "he has those dark liquid eyes of all Indians ..." Strike one.

Upon Sally's arrival she finds a family being kicked out of their home in the village because they broke village law. Despite Ash trying to tell her that this is the culture there, she proceeds to try and talk Ash into doing something about this because "This was wrong. Like a lynching in the Wild West." Strike two.

I nearly deleted it from my Kindle entirely but I decided to at least give it a shot and try to finish it. Then this happened, "She was white ... cream, really." Strike three.

And I'm finished.

I can't ... I just can't even handle racism that has been masked with good intentions. I can't.

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