Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Taste for Poison by Aleksandr Voinov

Memory of Scorpions, Book 3

This author never ceases to amaze me. If you think shizz hit the fan in book 2 then you're in for A LOT of it in book 3. It picks up right after an assasination attempt and now the king is suspicious of everyone. "Only Death can defeat him," was said in book 2 and in book 3, we meet Death. I think you kind of figure who it will be all along. When the big reveal took place, I wasn't surprised by who it was, I was surprised that WE got to find out who it was so soon. I thought it would be an identity hidden for quite a while because you know in most books, they wait til the last few chapters to tell you about it. Not here. You have to hold on for the ride.

Don't dispair, readers! Not long after his identity is revealed (to us), the king finds out and looses his shizz. The king ends up being so far gone that Kendras has to turn his back, choose a new side, and get out of dodge.

Book 3 unravels the mystery of who tried to kill the thing ... And I mean fully. You think you have it, but then something else happens and then SOMETHING ELSE happens and you find out another person may have been in on it. There was just so much shizz going down in this one. So much that I didn't expect half of it.

There is a traitor in the Scorpions and although Kendras has an idea, he's not completely sure and we won't be finding out either.

Kendras got smart. He would always say that he isn't one for strategy, but he was using his brain big time in this one. Big props to him because I wasn't sure how much longer he could go on living the way he does without having to plan out anything.

Allies are needed and Kendras makes one that helps his cause in a big way. After finding out some vital information about his destiny, at the end of the book, Amrash suggests that Kendras goes to Jaishan to learn about himself and his people so the Scorpions are setting sail that direction.

I don't know how many more Voinov has in store for us but I just can't wait!

... Things to take note of ...
* This is M/M as with the first two.
* You will fall in love with Runner all over again. That Scorpion never fails.
* The action isn't heavy in this one but the plot was a bit thicker.
* You will be SO satisfied with absolutely everything.
* I'm going out on a limb by saying that this over may feature Graukar. But if memory serves me correctly, Graukar is a Westlander. They come across as Irish. I think this model looks like a light skinned black man. But this is speculation and my opinion. I may ask the author later and update. (Update from the author: Westlanders are a mix of Aztec and Native American)

5 Stars!
IR all over the place

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