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Fire Touched by Patricia Briggs

Mercy Thompson, Book 9

Netgalley for the WIN!

I've had my ups and downs with this series. I would feel like it would be really great and then slow down ... Kind of like TV show episodes. Perfect example would be The Walking Dead. You'd get all this amazingness, then they give you an entire hour and a half episode about Morgan. I'm not saying Morgan isn't worth it, but they could have told his story in half an hour. That's what River Marked and 1 or 2 other books did for me.

I'm off the wagon.

Book 8 was the one where I really thought that I was here for Mercy. Book 9 confirmed it.

There's a troll on the bridge. The pack are called so they can put a stop to it. In the midst of the situation, we meet a 10-ish year old boy, a Fire Touched boy, who escaped from Underhill. If you're not familiar with Underhill, it's a very ... scary ... fae place. Anyway, Underhill wants the boy back and Mercy decides to protect him. Doing this could potentially start a war with the fae and no one (well, some fae want it) wants that so a treaty is proposed. In order to fulfill this treaty and make everyone happy, the fae want an artifact of value that Mercy, the boy, and Adam have to go into Underhill to retrieve.

Of course, nothing is as easy as I make it sound and there are plenty of things that I've left out intentionally as to not give away any spoilers.

My one big mistake when reading this book was that I did not go back and read (or listen to) the previous 8. I only read 1 over again and it was book 8 with the Tibicena because I loooooove how things turned out with Mercy vs. Christy. Why didn't I? I find that I can get more 'reading' done if I listen to an audiobook. Thankfully, my library has almost every big series that I read. This one, I couldn't stand the narrator's voice. But, I digress.

I love action over romance, it's the main reason I like this series. Patricia Briggs can make you feel the love, warmth, and desire without devoting an entire 10 chapters to building up a long drawn out sex scene. In this world, there's too much to be done.I feel so exhausted sometimes for the pack because it seems like Mercy is always getting them into some shit. But isn't that part of her charm?

I find it a little ironic too. In dealing with Christy, it was often stated that she could make someone want to take care of her. She would feel bad about something and then everyone was 'awww Christy, its okay, we'll protect you.' Isn't that kind of what's happening with Mercy? She's doing all this junk and the pack seem to fall in line even if they don't want to because they often have no choice. Now Mercy isn't totally to blame for everything, certainly not the Tibicena, but Mercy is kind of special. I think Patricia Briggs has worked really hard to make us, the readers, see how special Mercy is by showing us how special she isn't. In a pack of wolves, in a world of fae and vamps, she's incredibly average, but some of the strongest of the other supernats seem to have some kind of like/respect for her. I wonder if she'll blossom into something else later in the series. I kind of hope she doesn't because ... Mercy is that person we would be if we lived that world. Sure, my kid would ask what super power I would want or if I would want to be a vamp or a werewolf, but if this world were real, far more of us would be a Mercy than an Adam.

That ... Is the charm of this series. That is the charm of book 9. Mercy is kind of accepting that bad things happen because of or around her and she kind of feels like she might have to start apologizing, but not really. Not only that, but she isn't equipped to handle all the shit she throws at the fan. Lucky for her, she has people around her who will try their best to shield her from the backlash of it. Zee, Tad, Adam,even Beauclaire (whom I adore).

I'm totally rambling. If you've read the previous 8 books, a lot of WHY somethings happened will be explained in this one. Especially the RiverMarked bit. It's short but explains quite a lot.

Anyway ... I say definitely get this one. I enjoyed Thomas and Margaret. I tend to really enjoy Jesse and would like more time devoted to her in the future. Please pay attention when reading this one because small things will make a difference by the end and you're going to wonder how you missed that bit of info.

God this review sucked. Lol. But hey, loved the book!

4 1/2 Stars

Monday, November 16, 2015

Whispers of Shadow & Flame by L. Penelope

Earthsinger Chronicles, Book 2

L Penelope ... How I love thee. See? I'm a writer too. Lol. On to business. YASSSSSSSSSSS!

I must say first that this book, book 2, is running parallel to book 1.

Book 2 is the story of the Shadowfox and the Poison Flame. The Shadowfox is an uber powerful Earthsinger that the True Father wants so he can drain him of his Song. The Poison Flame works for the True Father because she has a very interesting Song of her own. The Poison Flame is a Nethersinger. Where Earthsong is for healing and life and all that goodness, Nethersong is death in your face. The Cantor, a 'Singer' (I use that term loosely for her, you will find out why), works under the True Father and the Poison Flame (aka Kyara) is the Cantor's hitwoman.

Now ... As far as the story goes, a Caldera needs to be found so that the Mantle can come down and the True Father can wreak some havoc. This is going to be difficult to explain so I wont. It's best you read both books yourself. You don't NEED to read book 1 but it's highly recommended because of the way this book references the goings-on from book 1 since everything is happening at the same time. I think later. I'll go back and read both books back to back so I can truly get a better understanding.

Anyway, along with this war thats being waged, there is a side story dealing with Kyara and Darvyn. They basically ... Fall in love. It's pretty conventional, but at the same time, somebody has to forsake their task in life to deal with the other. That's where the true test (in my opinion) comes in and something we'll get to deal with (I hope) in book 3. Also, Shadow Fox and the Keepers are still trying to smuggle children to safety so they don't have to be given over to the True Father.

There are so many tiny intricacies that make a world of difference and lots of things I didn't mention. Those things are best left for you to interpret WHEN you read it. Cause you better be reading it. I'm excited about this series. I loved book 1, I love book 2. Thank you L Penelope for sending this over. Can't wait for book 3!

4 Stars
AA everywhere

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Promo: Whispers of Shadow & Flame by L. Penelope

Whispers of Shadow & Flame (Earthsinger Chronicles #2)
by L. Penelope
Genre: Fantasy Romance, Dieselpunk
Age Range: Adult

Born with a deadly magic she cannot control, Kyara is forced to become an assassin. Known as the Poison Flame, she is notorious and lethal, but secretly seeks freedom from both her untamed power and the blood spell that commands her. She is tasked with capturing the notorious rebel called the Shadowfox, but everything changes when she learns her target’s true identity.
Darvyn ol-Tahlyro may be the most powerful Earthsinger in generations, but guilt over those he couldn’t save tortures him daily. He isn’t sure he can trust the mysterious young woman who claims to need his help, but when he discovers Kyara can unlock the secrets of his past, he can’t stay away.
As forbidden desire ignites their hearts, Kyara and Darvyn grapple with betrayal, old promises, and older prophecies—all while trying to stop a war. And when a new threat emerges, the cost of
their love might just be too high.

About the Author

Leslye Penelope believes love is magic and likes her romance with a healthy dose of imagination. She’s been writing since she could hold a pen and is the author of new adult, fantasy, and paranormal romance with multicultural characters.
At one time or another she’s been a filmmaker, tape dubber, tech support specialist, model, poll worker, professor, and DJ. She has a quote from The Matrix tattooed on her arm and sometimes dreams in HTML. After living on both coasts, she settled in Maryland with her husband and their furry dependents: an eighty-pound lap dog and an aspiring feral cat.
Sign up for new release information and monthly giveaways on her website:


Visual Inspiration & Worldbuilding

Last Christmas my family decided to escape the frigid east coast weather and spend the holiday in Palm Springs, CA. I’d never been there before, but once I arrived I realized that this place where the was desert surrounded by mountains was exactly how I’d envisioned one of the countries in my fantasy world: I had arrived in Lagrimar.

The mountains are a huge part of the worldbuilding in the Earthsinger Chronicles series. The country of Lagrimar is completely surrounded, cut off from the rest of the world by this natural barrier as well as a magical one. Driving down the highway through the Palm Desert with the imposing peaks towering over me was deeply inspiring and helped me sink into the world I was creating.

But it’s not always possible to travel to the exact place your story is set. Some of the other locations were shaped and polished by virtue of me stumbling across images accidentally. Like this one of Horseshoe Bend, AZ, which becomes Serpent’s Gorge in the book.

And this article about toxic lakes and the petrified animals in them haunted me until it found its way into the novel.

The sights, sounds and smells of reality all go into making a fantasy world work. Once a location is real to me and I can live inside it in my head, then I know it’s ready to put to the page.



“I-I’m sure we can come to some kind of understanding.”
The man before Kyara scrambled backward, slamming his back against the wall. The scent of his fear was rancid, filling the interior of the dwelling. The stench overpowered the smell of fresh vegetables roasting in the clay oven. His whimpers drowned out the murmurings of the infant in a basket near the fire. A woman cowered next to the baby. Kyara judged the distance and determined that the mother and child were far enough away to remain safe but only if she stood very close to her target. Close enough to feel his sour breath on her skin.
Her stomach clenched at the thought, but she forced herself forward, erasing the few paces between them. Now the odor emanating from the man was mixed with piss. The dark stain spreading across the front of his trousers was proof enough that the fellow knew who she was and why she was here.
“W-we can negotiate. I’m sure there must be something you want.” Beads of sweat punctured his forehead, and the thick vein at his neck jumped with his rapid pulse.
Kyara’s warped Song prowled inside her, impatient. It wanted to launch itself into the maelstrom of source energy, to ride the brutal currents of the force like a kite in a violent wind. She shuddered and reined in her Song. Instead of giving in to the despised urge, she opened her mind’s eye. The world fell away, leaving only a field of black. She spread her senses and focused on this village, this home, this room. Moving arcs of white light burst across her vision, like the undulating waves of brightness produced by a fire dancer swinging a torch.
This was Nethersong.
As Ydaris had explained to her many years ago, while Earthsong was the energy of life, Nethersong was death energy. And Kyara’s broken Song had never been able to connect with anything else. She could not heal. She could not grow crops from seeds with a single intention or feel the pulse of life moving in the plants and animals around her.
She was cursed. She had killed her mother at birth, and this was her punishment.
The light of the man before her pulsed brightly. His death energy was a cyclone spinning out of control. Judging by the strength of Nethersong within him, he had not been kind to his body—a feat much easier when you were on the True Father’s payroll and could afford an abundance of rich food and drink. If the immortal king were a patient man, Kyara wouldn’t be needed at all. This pay-roller only had a few months to live as it was.
In the corner of the room, the wife’s light was dimmer. She was younger and healthier than her husband. The infant’s light was so weak it barely registered. Just a dull glow indicated the faintest traces of Nethersong. Kyara nearly smiled. Children had so much life, so much strength. She wished she could always see an endless field of dark in her inner vision.
She shuttered her extra sight, bringing the man’s face back into focus. “I am not here to negotiate with you.” Her voice was no louder than a whisper.
His eyes widened. He spread his arms out on both sides of him, attempting to press himself into the wall. Kyara didn’t move from her position a hairbreadth away. She didn’t need to touch him, but he didn’t know that.
“Whatever His Majesty believes I’ve stolen, I will return, threefold. I am but a simple man. A husband and father.” He waved a pudgy hand at the woman in the corner. “I give tribute for all I collect, I pay on time and—” His pleas became a drone in her ears, mingling with those of a hundred other men who had begged for their lives over the years. Other men in other homes like this, the ramshackle dwelling a palace in comparison to the others in the village. Thick rugs covered the dirt floor, and real glass hung in the windows. The enticing aroma of okra and butter tickled her nose. Some unidentifiable spice hung in the air, as well. Fresh vegetables, seasonings, real butter—these luxuries were virtually unknown to most people in the Midcountry.
Though her mouth watered, she never ate the food of the dead.


Book 1, Song of Blood & Stone, is currently on sale for .99cents until Nov. 5. Big thanks to the author for sending me all the info and the book. I'm currently reading book 2 and it will not disappoint. If you haven't read book 1, please get to it!

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Banshee's Honor by Shaylynn Rose

Tales of Y'Myran, Book 1

I haven't had the opportunity to do much actual reading. I've been into audiobooks because that serves my purpose better. And when I did have time for actual reading, I ran into so many duds that I'd gotten discouraged. Then this happened.

Banshee's Honor is about Azhani, the dishonored Warleader of a kingdom that's turned its back on her. She comes upon a Stardancer. Stardances are kind of like magic healers. Azhani helps this Stardancer, Kyrian, and Kyrian saves Azhani's broken leg. This sparks a beautiful friendship that we actually get to watch blossom. Kyrian, however, has her reservations about Azhani, as does everyone. She'd been disgraced beyond mention at the tongue of the new king, Arris, who wanted Azhani dead or married to him.

Now that Azhani's leg is healed, she spent her time in her cottage with Kyrian, trying to decide what to do. We will also meet Padreg. He is the king of a barbarian land, who comes to visit Arris and falls in love with a woman that Arris wants to bed. Needless to say, all hell breaks loose.

Thankfully, Padreg and his lady, Elisira, know Azhani and know, based on her character, that she didn't commit the crimes mentioned. And like clockwork, they all meet up and start to layout a plan to deal with horrid creatures killing people (Rimmerbeasts), and figure a plan to get Azhani to queen Lyseera, the sister of the woman Azhani was said to have killed.

Every character in the book is well written. I love them all. Even Arris, the piece of shizz. This is a lesbian fantasy novel and one of the best novels I've read all year. The world is painted vividly and the despair and loss Azhani feels is incredible palpable. She's a wonderful lead character, I can't wait to continue this adventure with her.

The only gripe I have is that things could get slow when everyone was sitting around bantering. However, it should be in the book. It sets the tone and you get to see how much the characters change in regards to how they see eachother.

So well written, I can't wait for book 2. I'm going to start stalking Shaylynn Rose.

4 Stars
IR: Azhani (pictured on the cover)

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Burn for Me by Ilona Andrews

Hidden Legacy, Book 1

Coming off of a Kate Daniels high, I wasn't quite sure how much I would enjoy another series of hers. I'm like that with Faith Hunter as well. I'm so engrossed in the one character that I don't think the author can write anyone else I'd enjoy. Ilona Andrews has opened my eyes and I will now be reading everything she's written, along with everything else Faith Hunter has written. Anyway ...

This is a new series. Book 1 came out in 2014 but book 2 is not yet out. It has apparently been delayed.

First, some background on this series. In the 1800s, someone created a serum that would give people magical powers. Centuries later, people with powers have begun marrying and having children with other people who have powers in order to elevate their social status. If things go well, you will end up giving birth to a Prime. Primes are exactly what you think. They are the elite of the elite when it comes to using their specific magics.

Now ... We meet Nevada Baylor. She's a PI with very little magic. She's a human lie detector (but can later do more than she was ever aware of). So she's basically in the right line of work. Anyway, her investigative firm is owned by a large company owned by a Prime. This Prime tasks her with bringing in another Prime. So how in the world can a woman with very little magic bring in a Prime Pyrokenetic? Mad Rogan, that's how. Mad Rogan, you will find out, ends up being the kind of Prime you run from when you see him, which is exactly what Nevada did. He's a celebrity in Houston (not for a good reason, after all, they call him 'Mad' Rogan), and a Prime Telekenetic. To make a long story short, he ends up helping Nevada bring down Pierce, but not before realizing he has a thing for her, and she continues to turn him down.

The romance that develops is quick and steamy. There's never anything vulgar about Ilona Andrews' style of writing. As a matter of fact, in the Kate Daniel series, out of the 6 I've read (or heard), I only remember 1 sex scene. The rest alluded to sex or they woke up naked and feeling awesome. Anyway, the action in this is fun. I just felt such a rush when I was listening to the audio version of this book. When Mad Rogan was tearing buildings apart, I could see it happening. It was just beautiful.

I'm in love. I hope the delay isn't too much longer. In the meantime, I need to get to book 7 of the Kate Daniels series and wait patiently for more from this new favorite author of mine.

I can't rate this one as high as I have other works by Ilona Andrews, simply because I'm more of a FIGHT FIGHT KILL kind of girl and that's definitely not Nevada Baylor. Still, I really like the character, Mad Rogan, and Nevada's family a lot.

4 Stars
Random diversity throughout

There are a lot of visual on the Ilona Andrews website. I love when authors have visuals.

Kate Daniels Series

So I got hooked up with my local library and found that they had the Kate Daniels audio books 1-6. I burned through them and am now completely in love with Ilona Andrews and the Kate Daniels series.

I won't completely review it since I burned through all of them, and plus this isn't a new series. Many people have suggested this series to me for years but I never got around to it until recently.

I am SO in love.

This series, much like Jane Yellowrock, is incredibly diverse. It's set in future Atlanta where magic and technology battle for dominance and you have to work with what you got when you got it. Everyone is amazing, Kate is a boss. Curran is yummmmmmmmmmm. I tend to really love Dolittle, Derrick, Escanio, Dali, and Jim. I'd probably have dirty dreams bout Jim. You get attached to Kate very quickly.

See, I went out of order when listening. I started at book 6, then went to book 4, then to book 2 and went forward. It was awkward and didn't care. It was all amazing.

Anyway, if you haven't given this series a shot, please please please do it. No, the two leads are not minorities but nearly everyone else is. The series is so worth it. Please please please!

I will most likely properly start reviewing when her new one is released. Maybe it's out. I think I'll wait for audiobook, lol. I kinda like Renee Raudman's voice.

5 Stars (all books)

Thursday, September 10, 2015

The First: Evo Uprising by Kipjo Ewers

The First, Book 2

Book 2 begins years after the end of book 1. The blast that Sophia warded off has turned into something much much more. Now, a crop of 'superheroes' and 'villains' have sprang up all over the world. The Evo Uprising. The United States needs heroes so they decided to recruit. Unfortunately only 4 made the cut. 3 really, the other was in by default.

In short, I enjoyed the book. I enjoyed the fights of epic proportion, especially the end. It was grand and huge the way a superhero/villain fight should be.

I am begging the author to get an editor. Book 2 even had  a name spelled wrong in it. A name. I was so annoyed by the errors that I nearly forgot what was going on at the time.

Anyway, the book is good. Sophia is wonderful, Kimberly is wonderful, even Abe turns into a real person by the end of it all. The monologues are horrifically long. Especially those by 'Peace.' Book 3 is most likely in the works because there is a big one left at the end for us to sink our teeth into. I'll definitely continue the series, but please ... Get an editor.

3 Stars

Monday, August 31, 2015

The First by Kipjo Ewers

I have seen this book, and book 2, all over the place. I was thrilled that Netgalley offered it up and even more thrilled that I was approved.

This should be a movie. Honestly. If you've been as tired as I have of all these super hero movies with maybe that 1 token minority, this would set your mind and spirit at ease.

Sophia Dennison was executed for killing her husband. Except ... The execution didn't take. Then ... She was shot to death while she tried to get out of the prison. That didn't take either. She took several bullets to the head and absolutely everywhere and nothing stopped her. Well it stopped her, but not for long.

Now that she's free, after being killed, she decides to find out what happened. She was executed for killing her husband. But she will learn that she didn't kill her husband, a secret government organization did. So not only do they want to shut her up, they want to find out about her new found powers. After all, they did it to her, not realizing what would happen.

That's the book, in a nutshell. But the amazingness you experience while reading, can't be explained.

First let me say that their are so many grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors that my head spun. It made me wonder if the author learned English as a second language and didn't have an editor that spoke English as a first language. Some phrases were repeated, almost verbatim and, at times, it was unclear who was speaking.

The battle scenes were on an epic scale. They were exactly what you would want to see out of a big budget superhero/comic movie. Skyscraper destruction, missles, robocops (in my head the suites the bad guys wore looked like that to me), people being punched through walls, secret government facilities with cool gadgets. I mean ... the nerddom here is INFINITE. It was exciting and fun and you're going to wish to see this 6 foot tall, dark skinned, dreadlocked, glowing-eyed beauty on the big screen.

4.5 Stars (only because an editor wasn't used)
IR everywhere. Incredibly diverse.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Redzone by William C Dietz

Book 2, The Mutant Files

In book 2, Cassandra Lee has to go into the Redzone. Why? We'll get to that in a second.

The Bonebreaker is still on the loose and has his sights set on Detective Lee. Where as in the first book, he overlooked her, sighting that God didn't want him to kill her yet. Now, with book 2, there is a Bonebreaker impostor. The real Bonebreaker becomes so upset by this impostor that he works WITH Detective Lee in order to have him caught. But this is only after he's mentally incapacitated her for a short time.

So much happens in this book that my mind is scattered.


Outside of catching the impostor Bonebreaker, Detective Lee gets a letter from a woman, her mother, who lives in the Redzone. After Lee has been mentally cleared, she sets off to go see this woman despite whatever dangers may befall her. When she does get to see her mother, she finds out the real reason for wanting her to come; to smuggle her half-brother out of the Redzone so he can live a normal life. Apparently her mother had a son with a mutant.


Remember the problem I had in book one where Cassandra had sex with Ras Omo, even though he was a mutant, but she couldn't breathe the same air as him? Weird. Anyway ...

Her mother had a son with her mutant husband but the boy, I think his name was James, is not a carrier of B Nosilla. He's a mutant but basically can't pass it on. He doesn't even have a disfigurement. Although, you find out later that he can see in the dark.

That's neither here nor there.

Inside that whole Heevy (the man Lee's mom married) family is a bunch of mess. James, the brother, is sleeping with one of his fathers wives. Some people die, then Cassandra and James make a run for it. Why? Because even though her mom was a heartless b*tch, Cassandra still would keep her word and help James get out of the Redzone.

SPOILER ALERT (highlight to read spoiler): The brother dies when daddy Heevy sends people to kill him for sleeping with his wife. But hey, at least Cassandra tried.

I like that there was no love lost there. I was a little tickled.

And by the end of it, someone is following her out of the Redzone and shooting rockets into her apartment. SWEET!


Now that you know what's going on, it's time for me to tell you how I really feel.

This series is all guns blazing and action movie fun and violence. Cassandra Lee is exactly the big budget action star you want to see on screen. If this were a movie, I'd definitely go see it. Not to mention, I haven't run across any more series' with a WOC leading this type. Cassandra is exactly the badass cop that any man is. But she's boring as hell.

Just like with the first book, Cassandra's personality is lacking everything. I don't understand how she ends up dating a man in this book when there's no lead-in, no romance, just conversation that seems overly friendly. And then how did they get around to having sex? Getting comfortable in his apartment? There's nothing else in this book that supports this happening. They basically seem like friends and maybe Lee has a little crush on him, but that's all.

Another problem I had with the book, and the series I'm sure, is that you can tell a man is writing it. Those little emotional connections that women have, even if they think they don't have them, Cassandra doesn't have. She's basically a nice man in a woman's body.

There was only a mention of Deputy Ras Omo but he doesn't make an appearance.

Overall, Lee needs a personality overhaul immediately. She's boring as shit unless she's actively working, meaning shooting someone. That's when she shines. It all goes down hill when she opens her mouth.

Will I keep reading the series? No. Will I support it? Absolutely. A WOC lead cop series is needed. Im sure someone will like Lee. I just can't, not matter how hard I try.


Can we just talk about how flawless the covers are for a second? Below is the cover for book 3, Graveyard. Just delicious.

3 Stars
IR: Lee (AA) Kane (W)

Book Cover Porn: Shadow Rites

No Jane Yellowrock book cover has disappointed me. I needed to share this in all its glory.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

DayBlack by Keef Cross

So. I've always wanted to get into graphic novels and comic books. I read a few of the diverse comics but I've never come across anything like this. DayBlack is about a vampire that lives in DayBlack. It's always nighttime there, hence the name DayBlack.

The e-copy I received from Netgalley had issues 1-4 so not only did I get some backstory on Merce and how he was a slave who was bitten, but a lot of what he has to deal with on a day to day basis. He's devised a way to fly under the radar, but when he's had to deviate from the norm to get blood the old fashion way, the hunters come out trying to get him.

I can't rate this the way I would rate a book because it doesn't make sense to. It's a graphic novel so I'll keep it simple as possible. The artwork is ... just ... Beautiful. It's stunning, actually. I don't want to copyright infringe by posting screenshots but if you look at the cover of issue 1 (above) then you'll have an idea of what you're in for. It's just gorgeous. The story is also interesting but the visuals. Ugh ... perfect. So yes, the story is good bu visuals really mean more with something like this and Keef Cross totally delivers.

5 Stars
Very diverse

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Sacrificial Lamb Cake by Katrina Monroe

Definitely one of the more interesting plots I've come across in the last couple of years. A lesbian has been chosen as the Messiah in the Second Coming.

Good, right?

Judas has been in solitary confinement since his infamous betrayal. G (God), and the other Disciples, decide to hear him out on this great plan of his to groom the new Messiah. They decide to move forward with this plan and that's when we meet Rainfall. She likes to be called Rain. She's an orange-haired lesbian waitress working hard to stay away from her over-the-top hippy parents. Of course, when she meets Judas, who goes by Jude, she thinks he's just some stalker until he convinces her to tr multiplying some bread. That sets the wheels in motion for her.

What Jude didn't count on was the actual End of Days happening like right now. Throughout the story, Rain has to turn water to wine, lead some disciples, deal with her mess of a family, figure out how to navigate the plagues in living form, and fight the Antichrist with no preparation.

By the end of the story, G informs Jude that this was all done for the sake of his redemption.

Finishing the book today, I couldn't help but be a little disappointed. This book is a light hearted fun read and I definitely recommend it .... However ..... And this is just my opinion ... I wanted something more. I wanted it to be a little heavier. I felt like it should have been heavier. Example, everything bad that was happening was happening basically in her part of town. There was no global End of Days, just a small scale end of days. Yes, they alluded to the death and destruction of the world, but it was only kept within the confines of the city the story was set in.

So, if you're looking for a light hearted take on a Bible story with a twist, definitely pick this up, you will enjoy it.

If you're looking for something more in depth, like I was, this isn't the book for you.

Still ... I liked the writing style and character development a lot. I'd like to read more from this author in the future if given the opportunity.

3 Stars
No IR. Lesbian protag.

Inner Demons by Gloria Oliver

This will be a spoilery post.

Inner Demons is the story of a woman who is missing a chunk of her memory. She 'wakes up' in an unfamiliar outfit and goes to her unfamiliar apartment. Tamara was possessed by a demon and is now left to pick up the pieces after the thing basically destroyed her reputation. After she's come down from the demon possession, she meets Jensen White. He's an x-priest who works for an order that deals with demons and the devil and all that good stuff. We find that the demon that possessed Tamara was monitoring a couple of brothers, Jared and Ross, close by. They aren't what they appear to be, but much more. And what they actually have is what the demons are after.

I finished this book weeks ago. Maybe even a month ago. It's taken me that long to decide if I liked it.

First, the characters. I found Tamara to be pretentious and hard headed, which is the case with a lot of books like this so that's no shade to the author. It's just the norm. I felt as though the characters weren't 'painted' very well. 3 out of the 4 characters had interchangeable personalities, speech patterns and everything. If you took names away, you would think 3 people were the same. The only interesting person was one of the brothers, Ross, he seemed to have the most personality and I found myself hoping he had more page time.

Second, the world building. It was lacking. I was actually pretty hyped because I'm a Texan but the world building didn't transport me. Well ... I'm halfway lying. There was more time spent on describing Jensen's safe-house/cabin than what Jensen looked like. I honestly can't remember. The brothers, I definitely remember them, right down to the nose, but Jensen was forgettable.

Lastly, the writing style. It was easy and free flowing. There were some grammatical errors but not many. Everything was easy to follow.

Overall, I just didn't like Tamara. Something about her felt very high school. I kept reading because I was hoping she'd be maimed or killed at the end. It seems as though this book has signs that their could be a part 2 but if not, it can remain as is. I do, however, hope the author continues to write. I thought the plot was interesting and well thought out and written easily. OH  ... her style reminds me of Shelly Laurenston a bit. Just a bit. Anyway. I'm hoping for more from the author so I can see what she does with the next lead she writes. Just looking for some growth.

2 Stars
Tamara (AA) Jensen (White)

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Population by Elizabeth Stephens

Dystopian goodness! The Others came to planet Earth over a decade ago and changed everything.  After they devastation they caused, human beings turned on each other for the little resources that were left. Now the vast majority of America is called 'Population' where human gangs are doing whatever they please. For people like Abel, Becks and Ashlynn, it's a scary hell that they must move through to survive with no destination in sight.

Abel ... Not her real name ... is our heroine. A biracial, malnourished fighter who happens upon an Other getting nearly torn limb from limb. In the process, the other 2 she's been traveling with have been taken from her. One killed, and the other kidnapped. Now Abel is out to find the 11 year old who was kidnapped.

Kane ... An Other who tries to find Abel to retrieve something she'd taken from him when he was left for dead.

And that's just the beginning of the book.

It's action packed from start to finish. You feel tense while reading it because around every single corner is trouble. Later, when Kane and Abel reunite, and things slow down for Abel, that's when we really start to learn about Kane, The Others, and what that key is for. And the fight at the end? I'm living for that fight!

There is a sex scene in the book. It's tastefully written with none of the trouble words that I just freaking hate. There's a cliffhanger ending so book 2 definitely must happen. I mean ... I cant ... After that ... I just can't ... I need to know. There are a lot of details I didn't mention on purpose. There are a lot of levels I didn't mention on purpose. It really is a thrill ride from start to finish that you need to hop on.

So please, Elizabeth ... Tell us when book 2 is coming out. We need this!

4 1/2 Stars
Abel (AA/Wh)

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Misery's Way by JC Daniels

Misery's Way is a short story associated with the larger world of Kit Colbana. In this story, we meet Frankie, who is some kind of SOMETHING that we are never actually told about. What we do know is she is a faith-healer. But when she heals, she takes the pain from that person and feeds on it. She meets Kit and Justin who have tracked her down for an unknown reason. Frankie 'heals' her and now Kit owes her a favor. But in the process, Kits pain is so deep that Frankie wants to rid the world of the person who caused her that pain

That's basically the entire short story.

There are no details. What I gave you is all there is.

I can't say that I'm all that interested in Frankie. There was nothing in this short story that made me want to know more about her. If anything, I was super interested in her sidekick ... A scarred man whose name escapes me. His loyalty to her is unparalleled.

There is a bonus story ... About Kit ... That is miles better than the one that's marketed on the cover and as the feature.

I have to say that Im a little disappointed. The cover is so kick ass that I just KNEW I would finally get an AA heroine worth my time. Didn't happen. Frankie came across as a person made of steel. The personality was just ... as expected.

I don't know. It's a short story so it goes somewhere else in that world. I would read the series but not for Frankie. Id read it for Kit if I felt so inclined, but Im not as of yet. Maybe I'll try Kit Colbana in the future, but seeing as how my introduction is Frankie, I'm gonna take my time.

2 Stars
IR: Ya.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Half-Resurrection Blues by Daniel Jose Older

A Bone Street Rumba Novel, Book 1

Carlos Delacruz is a zombie. If you're a fan of the show iZombie on the CW network, it's a little something like that. He's a functioning halfie. He was killed once but brought back to life and works for a council of dead that send him out on jobs to that are basically supposed to keep the balance (in my opinion even though the council are a bunch of jerks).

His first job, in the novel, is to find and exterminate someone. When he finds the guy, he finds out that he is like him, a halfie/zombie but gets rid of him anyway. Even though Carlos is used to not asking questions about the jobs he's sent on, this one gets under his skin because he finally found someone like him.

With this weight on him, things have gotten worse. An 'ngk' shows up. Apparently these are basically little harbingers of devastation and evil. Carlos and some ghosts are sent to check out the deal with this thing and are almost killed in the process. Now Carlos and his team have to figure out how to deal with this problem.

But oh, wait ... There's this girl. Lol. This girl, Sasha, is a halfie/zombie like Carlos, the sister of the man he killed in the beginning of the novel, and may also be in on the evil shenanigans going on.

Although I'm not a fan of Sasha, especially after her jumping ship with that cargo at the end of the book, I am definitely a fan of Carlos' ghost friends. Riley is wonderful and so is Baba Eddie. I hope, in book 2, that we see more of Kia. I just dig her, I don't know why.

Overall, I thought it was great. I've never read this author before and didn't know this book existed until someone posted the cover for book 2 on message boards (that cover features Sasha. Beautiful!). I'm happy that there was no real cliffhanger left but you know their are still issues to be resolved. I'm looking forward to more of Carlos because I just love him and his half-dead swag. I appreciate the author not giving me a standard sex scene. The one short scene was actually written with care and in a way that made me say 'omg ........................................ i loved that.' Daniel Jose Older is one of my new favorites. I can't wait for more and plan on stalking him in the future.

I want to give the book 5 stars but something ... something is holding me back. I don't know what it is. I can't figure it out. But I love it and highly recommend it.

Edit: Kia is on the cover of book 2. Not Sasha. Now I'm fist pumping.

4 Stars
IR everywhere

Monday, May 11, 2015

Angelborn by L Penelope

This is going to sound weird but ... I hated the book. Still ... I highly recommend it.

Caleb is angelborn (half angel ... human father) and without a soul. Many years before, he and his soulmate died before she could share her soul with his. That sent him to the Wasteland. He ends up escaping thanks to a friend I hope to see in book 2. Anyway ... His friend gives him the current name of the reborn soul he's looking for and he finds out she's a student at Douglas University.

This is where things got confusing.

Due to the POV changing with every single chapter, I literally forgot whose eyes I was seeing through when it came to Maia and Genna, the roommates. Maia is your typical goth girl while Genna is your typical black girl. There was nothing that really stood out about either girl except for Maia's background and the fact that both girls (Or maybe just Maia, I was insanely confused) could see the dead. I think maybe just Maia because she spent the most time hating that ability. Anyway, Caleb shows up in their dorm room and Maia introduces them. This is where Caleb starts trying to win Genna's love so they could bind.

The only problem there is, while he's trying to deal with Genna, he's falling for Maia. He's rescuing her from nightmares and paying far too much attention to her to be trying to bind with Genna.

Out of the sky comes Helix, a special type of angel who gives Maia and offer ... Take away the ability to see the dead and give him sex in return. Maia agrees and Caleb becomes very unhappy because he's unclear on what Helix's intentions are.

In the end, after so much is said and done, Genna attempts to bind with with Caleb ... And it doesn't work. Instead, something happens with Maia ... And that's when I decided I hated the book.


My problem was, there were all these flashbacks and all this talk about Genna/Viv and she ends up not being his soul mate after all. Maia does. He'd basically gotten it wrong (highlight for spoiler). So now I'm literally seeing red and reading the outcome and after I finished it, I had to cool off for a couple of days before I wrote this review, otherwise it would have been a cursing fit.

So now that I've thought on it ... Even though I seriously hated it ... I would love to continue on with the series and see what will happen with Helix and the angel friend that helped Caleb escape. In book 2 I hope that I can 'see' everyone a little more clearly. I thought character descriptions were lacking. I thought a lot of personality was lacking for Genna which should have been a clue for me considering I knew what everyone else looked like at least a little. The love story in itself is really great even though it flipped on me, but that is a strong suit all on its own. Great job, L. Still love ya!

3 1/2 Stars
Ir everywhere
BTW, L Penelope is the author of Song of Blood and Stone, which I loved. FYI.

Where There's Smoke by Cari Z

Panopolis, Book 1

Is it weird that I've already forgotten the main characters name and I just finished this a couple of days ago? EDWARD. That's it.

So Edward is a regular guy who moved to a city called Panopolis. Panopolis is basically your Gotham. It's overrun with villains and heroes. Edward moves there to basically put some excitement into his life. Definitely can't blame him there. Anyway, Edward works at a bank that gets robbed by the Mad Bombadier. Not only is Edward shaking his boots, but actually helps the Mad Bombadier escape the hero whose name I can't remember. Oh, Freight Train. SPOILER ALERT (highlight to see spoiler), Edward ends up being caught and jailed as the Mad Bombadier's accomplice before he is broken out of jail with new powers of his own. That part made it actually worth the read. Where There's Smoke will 100% remind you of comic book grandeur without the added benefit of pictures.

First, I'm not sure if Cari Z is male or female but this book definitely reads as if a female wrote it.

I like the fact that Edward and Raul (Mad Bombadier) weren't marketed as gay, but ... They weren't marketed as gay. This is diverse content that those who are hunting for diverse reads need to know about. On the flip side, it's not a big deal that they're gay to begin with. It simply isn't mentioned. I think, judging by the tone of the book, that this was fine. You get pulled into a superhero story before you realize that this guy has the hots for this guy.

Although this book seems to be a lot shorter than a novella, details were apparently not a big deal when it came to telling the story. I knew what Raul looked like but I had no idea what anyone else looked like. Maybe something about hair was mentioned or a forcefield for someone else but details were nonexistent. I suppose that for a read as quick as this one, some things can be sacrificed to keep the story moving as quickly as it was.

For the length of the book, the sex could have been left out and more story filled in. I guess if the sex is important to the author, then it had to be there, but again ... The book read as if a woman wrote it so the sex scenes are very feminine when neither man is.

I can't say that I liked the book but I didn't NOT like the book. There was just so much missing in content. I've read shorties before but even those had better character development. I won't be reading the next one or suggesting someone else read it unless they specifically ask me for an m/m super hero shorter-than-novella.

2 Stars
IR ... Raul (Latino)

Monday, April 27, 2015

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Day Shift by Charlaine Harris

Midnight, Texas - Book 2

This is going to be hard to admit, but I never read a Charlaine Harris book prior to True Blood. I knew, when the TV series began, that it was based on the Sookie Stackhouse books by Charlaine Harris, but even after the show ended, I didn't read any of her stuff. Nothing against it, I just never got around to it.

Midnight, Texas is a small town with under 10 people in it. Everyone in town knows each other and works in town as well ... if you can call it a town at all. The story starts off with Manfred, the town (and world renowned) psychic. He leaves town to do a reading for a long time customer who ends up dying during the reading. To make matters worse, the customer's son accuses Manfred of stealing the woman's jewelry. This is where Olivia comes in. Olivia seemed to be a bit of a mystery until we find out how resourceful she is and how many skeletons are in her closet. The town reverend makes her help Manfred out of his situation because the last thing Midnight, Texas needs is attention.

Unfortunately, that's what it got. An old hotel is being restored and older people are moving in ... being made to move in. So all together, in this book, we're dealing with the case against Manfred, the hotel re-opening, a telepath, and a mysterious growing boy. Not to mention how 'special' the few residents of Midnight are. With all this going on at once, you won't want to stop reading until you find out everyone's secrets. Sookie is even mentioned.

Each persons secrets are slowly revealed throughout the book so there isn't a big bomb dropped at any given time. Information is given to you in a way that's eased in so smoothly that you go ... OKAY WHAT? However, it makes perfect sense. It's not the narrator giving you the information, it's the dialogue giving it to you. It's no shock to them, but it's a shock to us.

This is book 2 of the series but you don't necessarily need book 1 in order to enjoy book 2. Book 1 had a separate issue to deal with you. Sure, you'll want to read it, but book 2 has the vital information you need.

This review is short but overall, I thought the book was a fun read. I enjoyed really feeling like I was living in Midnight with everyone. I know everyone's character, even Mr. Snuggly. It's such a small place that you kind of implant yourself in someones home. By the time the book was over, I was ready for book 3. I wonder who it will focus on next time. I have an idea but I could always be wrong.

4 1/2 Stars
IR - Everywhere. Mostly latino.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Because Faith Hunter is Amazing ...

I happened to win a Facebook contest and this arrived yesterday. Yesssssss!

The stake is in my purse, btw. Don't f*** with me. I'll stake your a$$.

I love you, Faith.
So f****** much.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Tour Stop and QnA : FAITH HUNTER!!!

Shapeshifting skinwalker Jane Yellowrock is the best in the business when it comes to slaying vampires. But her latest fanged foe may be above her pay grade…

For centuries, the extremely powerful and ruthless vampire witches of the European Council have wandered the Earth, controlling governments, fostering war, creating political conflict, and often leaving absolute destruction in their wake. One of the strongest of them is set to create some havoc in the city of New Orleans, and it’s definitely personal.

Jane is tasked with tracking him down. With the help of a tech wiz and an ex-Army ranger, her partners in Yellowrock Securities, she’ll have to put everything on the line, and hope it’s enough. Things are about to get real hard in the Big Easy.

  • ISBN-13: 9780451465962

  • Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group

  • Publication date: 4/7/2015

  • Series: Jane Yellowrock Series, #9

  • Format: Mass Market Paperback, eBook

  • Goodreads:

  • About Faith Hunter:
    New York Times Bestselling author Faith Hunter writes fantasy in several subgenres: the urban fantasy Skinwalker series, featuring Jane Yellowrock, a Cherokee skinwalker; the post-apocalyptic Rogue Mage series and RPG, featuring Thorn St. Croix, a stone mage; and the upcoming SoulWood trilogy featuring Nell Nicholson Ingram, a woman who can siphon off the magic of others and is drawn into solving paranormal crimes. Faith writes mystery and thrillers under the name Gwen Hunter. When she isn’t writing, Faith likes to make jewelry, run whitewater rivers (Class II and III), and RV with her hubby and their rescued dogs.
    Faith is online - 


    Thanks to Faith Hunter for answering my questions!!

    1. Thinking about when you started writing the Jane Yellowrock series, was it harder to start the series or harder to finish the series?
    The series has several more books to go. But I admit that ending it is going to be hard. I have a lot of plot points in the air, juggling them. Getting them all into the proper order so I can tie them all together will be difficult. And painful. And I fear bloody… 
    2. I've always been curious about the cover model. Is she strictly a model or someone you know?
    There are two models, one on the books published by Penguin/ROC, and one on the covers I do, and who also appears at DragonCon with me. Amy CorreaBell ( is the ROC model and my model choses to be Anonymous. :)
    3. You are notorious for having a diversified cast which is something I value and look for elsewhere but can't find. Did it come naturally you? It feels like it did.
    I actually planned for Jane Yellowrock to travel and solve paranormal crimes all over the South, which would have meant new and limited characters with every book. Then she met Leo and … stuff happened and Jane stayed in New Orleans. I never planned it at all. I am usually a control freak with my characters, but Jane has had a mind of her own from the get-go. And Beast? Don’t get me started. She is totally uncontrolled. A mind of her own and in charge of her own destiny. And maybe Jane’s destiny too.
    4. This isn't a question, but I just want to express gratitude. This series has been so completely amazing that I can't even begin guess how it will end or how you are setting up your new series for greatness. Thanks so much.
    Thank you for that! SoulWood is going to be a trilogy, and I love the characters and the plot and everything about it! 

    Dark Heir by Faith Hunter

    Jane Yellowrock, Book 9

    Can Faith Hunter ever do wrong? No.

    The Son of Darkness is loose and leaving bodies behind him. Not only does he injure our Jane but it has lasting effects that need to be dealt with in a multitude of ways.

    I've always felt that Jane was, more and more, turning into a girl, with each passing book. And now that Jane has Bruiser, it's evident and so freaking cute. With the Son of Darkness leaving bodies everywhere, the humans are in a uproar when a disconcerting number of humans ends up dead at the hands of what they think is just a normal vampire. When Jane views the carnage, Leo's and the priestesses requests may not be honored. She's, as usual, put between a rock and hard place and she always finds a way to get herself out of it.

    Do I ever do a traditional book review? No. Here we go.

    Molly makes a return and her return is as you may think. We don't know what's going on with her death magics when she shows up but man does she have a few 'moments' when a certain artifact is in her presence. It got the point where it made me incredibly nervous that she could jeopardize the missions with her 'needs' in regards to the artifact.

    Jane dies.

    Don't fret! Jane has died quite a lot but this ... Had me nervous. Super nervous. You will love every stinking bit of it.

    I love how Jane's mind works and how she thinks things through even though there really is no time to do so.

    The Younger brothers are .................................................. still awesome. I can't. I just can't explain the cuteness of this little family that Jane has with them. It seriously is heart warming every time I see them all together.

    Overall, this book really is action packed. As usual, there's a lot of thinking to be done. Something that happened in earlier books are a factor in this one. You must pay attention to every thing you may think is even a small detail ... Even a really important realization about Skinwalkers.

    Edmund Hartley. Oh I'm SO looking forward to more of him in the future.

    By the way ... I keep telling yall ... Do NOT sleep on Brute. DO NOT! He will save us all one day.

    Jane gets stronger, smarter, and more loving with every book. This series continues to be amazing and Faith Hunter is my goddess.'

    5 Stars
    IR Everwhere

    Sunday, March 22, 2015

    Omega by SM Reine

    War of the Alphas, Book 1

    First, let's put this out there. Our heroine is black. Light skinned, but black. This cover makes it difficult to tell what race the heroine is. I requested it on netgalley because it seemed as though she could have been at least biracial. During my reading, there was a point in the book where she referred to herself as looking like a black orphan annie during a pageant. So definitely a black chick. *fist pump*

    Now that that's out of the way ...

    Deirdre Tombs is a shifter but ... she doesn't know what kind. A huge event called Genesis took place 10 years before. Everyone died. Those who came back, came back as some kind of supernatural. Lots of different kinds of supernaturals were born and then there were the kind like Deirdre who basically can't shift ... Omega. Although, most others who can't shift, know what they are. Deirdre has no clue. On her way home one night, she runs into a moon-sick alpha werewolf who tries to compel her to kill ... Just randomly kill people. She doesn't, because she doesn't have that little switch in her brain that has to obey what an alpha says.

    That draws the attention of the alpha who runs everything, Riely Grisham (probably spelling her name wrong). Anyway, Riely needs Deirdre to infiltrate Stark's (the crazy alpha) pack of misfits. She does, with the help of a guy named Gage, who is like a son to Riely. They get hold of Stark, by way of Niamh, who is a Swanmay (swan shifter ... she also cant shift). They get inside the organization and that's where things get really interesting.

    Every second you're reading, you're on the edge of your seat. Character development is amazing however descriptions could use a lot of work. I was nearly at the end of the book before I found out that Deirdre was black. Before then, she was described as about 125 pounds and wearing her hair in a ponytail, also not too tall and not too short. Most everyone in the book was described with the same lack of care. Maybe it was a conscious decision on the part of the author so that the book wouldn't be seen as Interracial ... which it is.

    I'm thinking I want to contact the author and ask her about that.

    I think you'll fall in love with Gage the way I did and the idea of Gage and Deirdre together. Gage is a shifter that basically goes berserk. When he changes into his animal, he loses it and will just kill whoever is standing around. There comes a point where he realizes that he's so sick of it and just wants his life to end. You find yourself really hurting for him and hoping Deirdre can do something for him, that maybe she's special and has some power to calm people down. *sigh* I won't say more about that.

    Anyway, outside of that, I thought everything was well written, the action was great and everyone had distinct personalities. I loved the plotting and lack of information given because it really made you pay attention to everything. I'm SO looking forward to the rest of the series to come. I may check out SM Reine's other series' if I can find out how diverse they are.

    I will say ... There was a part in the book around 64% where Deirdre had to fight Stark. I found myself almost crying because this man, and the men watching, were taking pride in this man beating up this woman. I don't cry. I'm just not a cryer and I generally don't complain about that kind of thing but it really hurt me. I have to say I didn't like that at all. I would have been okay with her actually being able to get in some swings but this was relentless abuse to teach her a lesson. I want to give this book 5 stars, but I'm actually taking away a full star because of that scene alone. However, it's essential, I think, to Stark's character development, but I would have preferred it didn't happen to the degree it did.

    4 Stars (should be 5 but I just can't)
    IR: Deirdre (Black)

    Monday, March 16, 2015

    The Unleashing by Shelly Laurenston

    Book 1

    Shelly Laurenston has come back with a new book about her infamous Crows. Some time ago, I read a book called Hunting Season which focused on the Crows and the heroine, Denise, who was said to be somewhere along the lines of black or maybe south american. I also read wolf and cat shifting books of hers that were IR and fun reads. This one is along the same lines.

    Kera Watson is a former Marine who is said to be something like black and Filipino. With the Crows, the goddess Skuld, basically gets them at the point of death and asks them to choose between regular death or coming back more powerful than before but a Crow for Skuld. They'll still look normal, but they get something enhanced and they also get cool Crow wings.

    Anyway, the main issue that I always had with her books is that they read a little like Fan Fiction. I would know. My friend and I used to be the IR Fan Fic queens back in the day. Although our stuff was a bit more detailed, this is definitely Fan Fiction. There are so many characters introduced and not many details about them are given. Personalities are interchangeable across the board and some of the men are just plain silly. I don't know how many times I slapped my forehead when the big scary man, Vig, acted like a love sick puppy.

    Over the course of the book, Kera was coming to terms with her new life. She didn't know how to relax and had too much love for her dog. I love dogs but she, and the rest of the Crows, work my nerves about the dog. However, I will say, the dog was enhanced as well and I enjoyed it. Anyway, some magical things are being stolen and the Crows are being blamed for it. All things point to a possible Goddess being brought into the mortal world and she will be a big deal in the installments to come. Although this reads like Fan Fic, it's just so much fun. The story is light, the sex is gratuitous and I skip it, but I like the group. Something about it pulls you in if you can get past the lack of detail and character building.

    Looking forward to book 2.

    Let me also say that the cover model is FINE but not a good representation of Vig.

    3 Stars
    IR: Kera (Dark Skinned)

    Wednesday, February 18, 2015

    Dead Heat by Patricia Briggs

    Alpha and Omega, Book 4

    I quietly read the entire series last year. I didn't review it. I wasn't convinced yet that Patricia Briggs could craft a heroine that I liked. I've been steady into the Mercy Thompson series but never felt like I could ride with her. She always needed to be saved. So I found that this series, Alpha and Omega, was set in the same world as the Mercy Thompson series and it featured a big beautiful Native American as the hero. While the hero, Charles, always delivered, I was still left feeling as though I needed more from Anna.

    Anna's birthday is coming up and Charles has decided to buy her a horse. They're heavy into riding. They go visit a horse ranch where an 80 year old human friend of Charles' is dying from cancer. Charles being the stone faced emotional man that he is, hasn't been to see his friend since he was deemed 'old' by human standards. You know, when you're a near immortal werewolf, human years don't compute. Anyway, Joseph is the son of Hosteen, the alpha werewolf of that area.

    Coincidentally, when Anna and Charles arrive, some things happen. Kage is the son of Joseph. He's married to a woman named Chelsea, who somehow decided she wanted to kill her children that day. Thankfully, she didn't, she decided to try and kill herself instead. But Charles and Anna have to figure out what happened. That's when Leslie comes into the picture.

    This series isn't super big on diversity. Yes, we have lots of Native American characters, but anything else? Not much ... Leslie is a black FBI agent who helped them out in a previous book. She was called again to help here since she joined them on their previous super natural mission. But unfortunately, she's not very useful in this one. We also meet two CANTRIP agents, one who is half fae but knows nothing about his fae heritage.

    The thing I found most interesting was the fae power. The fae in question created dolls of children out of sticks. The stick doll would be given something of the child's, along with hair, and the fae could animate it to be the child it's taking the place of. Meanwhile, the real child is in suspended animation somewhere. Their mission is not only buy Anna a horse, but to say goodbye to Joseph, get rid of the fae that's stealing children to make dolls out of, and make sure a newly turned wolf isn't going off her rocker, ALL WHILE Anna tried to convince Charles that they should have a child.

    I'm going to give this one 3 stars because I love the creativity of Patricia Briggs in crafting the fae creatures that Charles and Anna deal with. I absolutely love that part. I even went so far, while reading this book, as to say 'oh, that's interesting,' in a non-sarcastic way. That's the number one reason why I have kept up with anything Patricia Briggs. She puts a lot more into her secondary characters, tertiary characters, and opposition, than I feel she does with her main character. Even though I know Anna and I know Mercy, I don't like them. Well ... Mercy is okay after the last book, but I still don't have this sense of affection for Anna.

    When Anna shows up, I immediately feel like she's there to talk someone out of a bad situation or show up when things get really hairy to drop the final blow that will end it all. And that's usually her getting lucky. Also ... There's a lot of horse talk. I love horses but don't know any of the terminology or anything about breeding or the breed name. I just know if it's big and pretty or not. So all the complicated horse talk went right over my head. Just a warning.

    3 Stars
    Decent Diversity