Friday, January 2, 2015

Black Tiger by Greta van der Rol

Well ... Just ... Well ... I didn't get very far.

First of all, I requested this book from Netgalley because their was in Indian man on the cover. Yes! It's not something I often see so I was incredibly excited about the potential diversity.

Dr. Sally, who is from Australia, has taken a job as a doctor in a village. She also has a love of tigers.

She immediately begins having unsavory thoughts about Asok, also known as Ash, a gorgeous Indian raja who she will be staying with. I am quoting the book when I say "he has those dark liquid eyes of all Indians ..." Strike one.

Upon Sally's arrival she finds a family being kicked out of their home in the village because they broke village law. Despite Ash trying to tell her that this is the culture there, she proceeds to try and talk Ash into doing something about this because "This was wrong. Like a lynching in the Wild West." Strike two.

I nearly deleted it from my Kindle entirely but I decided to at least give it a shot and try to finish it. Then this happened, "She was white ... cream, really." Strike three.

And I'm finished.

I can't ... I just can't even handle racism that has been masked with good intentions. I can't.

Santeria Isn't Dead!

So I've been having this battle with the author Kenya Wright. In my head. :-) She started this amazing urban fantasy series, interracial, with so many amazing things about it. The main thing, for me, was it was light on the sex. But as the series went on, by book 3, there was so much I couldn't even review it. I felt like because she was blossoming into a romance/erotic book selling queen (she actually overtook Zane this past week. How amazing is that?), that maybe it slipped out into her urban fantasy series.

Since I bugged her to the level of annoyance, she's decided to start on book 4 in February (and I took several screenshots of her saying this would happen, lol). I am hoping to glory that she revisits the goodness of book 1.

With that said, she has brand new covers that are pretty freaking BEAUTIFUL!

Shout out to Jackie Sheats Sheats, who is working on Book 4's cover Lake of Fire. It will be presenting a very important character in the new story.
Book One (FREE):
Book Two:
Book Three: Updated link coming soon

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Song of Blood & Stone by L. Penelope

Earthsinger Chronicles, Book 1

Jasminda is a 19 year old living alone on the outskirts of Elsira. Her skin color, unfortunately, draws too much unwanted attention from the townsfolk. In Elsira, they are basically white. Jasminda looks black despite the fact that she is biracial, half Elsiran and half Lagrimari. The Lagrimari are basically black people from across the land who are Earthsingers. They have songs that can heal and help. This difference, Jasminda being black in a white town, is the big draw in the beginning. I wondered how big of a deal it would end up being through out the book and it turned out it was a huge thing.

She meets Jack. He'd been captured by some Lagrimari soldiers and was being taken back to Lagrimar to stand trial. What they didn't know is they were still in Elsira.

When Jack gets free, with Jasminda's help, they meet a group of Lagrimari who help him get back to his post. Unfortunately, once back, Jack's identity changes and it leaves Jasminda feeling as if the wind was knocked out of her.

Their are a lot of small details that should be paid attention to when reading the book. When Jasminda is having a vision, pay attention it, because it wraps up VERY well in the end. Pay attention to anything mentioned about the Mantle, True Father, and the Queen Who Sleeps. I swear I can't say anything because it will give things away. But I will say ... so many instances will bring out the feels, so be prepared.

Sex is in this book but it isn't nasty or dragging on too long.
Every single character is written well.
The story wraps up well. A part 2 is clear and that is set up at the very end once the more pressing issue is resolved. However, the next issue is something you will HOPE for throughout all of book 1. So you get your wish for book 2.
Their are parts that drag, but it doesn't last long.

Overall, L. Penelope is one of my new favorite authors. I'm going to pimp this book as much as I can.

Did I mention that Jack is a ginger? I didn't? Oh, he is!

4 Stars
IR: Jasminda (biracial but very brown), Jack (white red-head)