Friday, August 8, 2014

Destiny's Gate - Giveaway

It's that time again.

Any YA fans out there? Looking for something multicultural that features a Scottish heroine and First Nations (Native American) BFF?

Enter to win book 2 of the Paige Maddison YA series, Destiny's Gate!


In Destiny’s Gate, (FriesenPress, September 5, 2014, Paperback $USD17.99, Kindle $2.99) the second book in the Paige Maddison young adult series, teen Paige Maddison awakens to realize she’s just had her first premonition. An overwhelming sense of dread fills her senses and she realizes that the summer’s “fun” is about to begin. Soon another premonition follows. Then she hears a woman’s voice faintly speaking, warning her that she is in danger. Paige now knows she’s in trouble but she doesn’t know why. Worse yet, Paige doesn’t know what to do in the face of the impending danger.

But she has one thing going for her. Paige learns that she is a sensitive or intuitive: She belongs to a unique group of people who have a special gift that enables them to understand and communicate with the supernatural world. It is a perception, an intuition, of that world and often times spirits from the Other Side offer pertinent warning or advice to help them along their best path in life.

Yet Paige wonders if she is the target of something in the supernatural world that intends her harm and whether the spirits from the Other Side will come to defend her when she really needs them most.

Her friend Peggy confirms Paige’s worst fears. “Paige,” she says, “you are in grave danger. There is something walking the grounds of the O’Brien Estate that is looking for you.”

As Paige confronts these troubling thoughts, she meets Allan Brewer. Handsome and gentlemanly and sporting a strange tattoo, Allan is a mystery to Paige. Is he a good man or does he belong to the forces of darkness? An ally or a foe?

Paige comes of age as she learns that bad things can happen to anyone, anywhere. We all have the ability to fight against evil and triumph over it. It comes from the pureness of hearts and genuine love for others. When you put the well–being of a friend or family member before your own, that is the purest form of love and self-sacrifice: Unconditional love.

But will that understanding be enough to save Paige from the evil that lurks around her? What must Paige do to meet the challenge from the dark side? And will she prevail?

Cheryl Kaye Tardif, International Bestselling Author says: Destiny’s Gate is beautifully written, inspiring and moving. A truly unique ghostly suspense for teens. Destiny's Gate promises to be more suspenseful and scarier than Wake Me Up Inside, the first offering in the Y/A series.


Don't fret thinking only one or two winners will be chosen. The authors, Lee Bice-Matheson and J.R. Matheson, are giving away 2 paperbacks AND 5 ebooks! Bring your friends over and have them enter. You can't afford to let this opportunity slip past you!

Click the book cover and check out the blurb.

Entry Form:
1. Who is Paige Maddison shaken from the haunting of?
2. Where does Paige Maddison live?
3. Your name and email address:

Deadline: Friday August 22, 2014 5pm

That's it! Copy and answer these 3 questions into your reply down below and you're entered! Good luck!

Also, if you want to try for a chance to win book 1 ...

More info about the authors and contact info after the cut.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Paranormal Action Without Sex?

After I ranted I decided to hit up twitter and ask those authors that I just die for. I started with the two most obvious, Faith Hunter (Jane Yellowrock) and CE Murphy (Negotiator and Walker Papers). I wanted to know how they continue to make it without adding sex seeing as how so many are starting from that point. I think CE Murphy had the most interesting answer out of the two, but let's start with Faith.

Jane FINALLY gets lucky? OMG! This is crazy. If you've been following this series like I have, you know that this never happens so I welcome this with open arms. Not to mention ... I really don't think it will make me cringe. I also doubt it will be detailed. *fist pump*

Joanne isn't the sort to share intimate details. Is that the secret? Sure, we want to think about the character only when we read a book but someone wrote those words. Are these authors really just writing it because they want it there or is it absolutely necessary to character development? It's a whole nother way to look at it that I never thought about it before. Interesting.

I think there's only one other author that I haven't asked but I'll be getting to that and following up on that later.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Indie Recon Live!

First, let me say THANK YOU to those that made the Jen Greyson Alterations giveaway so awesome. It was the best giveaway turnout I've had at UPBookBlog. I'm also super grateful that the giveaway was for an author and series that I really believe in and love.

But now ... Indie Recon Live has both books in the Alterations series up for multiple nominations. Give Jen a huge nod and go over there and vote! You can vote every single day. I plan to. Will you?

Most Breathtaking Kiss
Mmm... You know the one, that first one between Evy and Constantine!

Best First Line:
Lightning Rider
Shadow Boxer

Best NA Author:
Yours truly :)

Best NA Book:
Lightning Rider
Shadow Boxer

Best Book Boyfriend:
Constantine from Lightning Rider and Shadow Boxer

Best Kickbutt Main Character:
(duh!) Evy from Lightning Rider and Shadow Boxer

Round one voting ends 8/15 and then round 2 will begin. Vote folks!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Discouraging Words

I'm starting to feel completely discouraged.

It seems as though interracial or african american paranormal works don't survive unless theirs a certain amount of sex in the book.

Sex sells. We all know that.

I just want to know ... Why are there no more Jane Yellowrocks or Joanne Walkers or Mercy Thompsons? How are the authors of these amazing series' making it without sex? And why is it that everyone else seems to be ditching an actual story in order to throw a couple of sex scenes in it OR write a story around how they want the relationship to work? What is happening? My frustration is through the roof.

And it's so prevalent, in my opinion, in interracial paranormals. Go through and just look at the titles. Some of them are so discouraging to me. Then look at the reviews and they're even more discouraging. As soon as I see a review with HOT or STEAMY in the subject line, I know what's going on here.

I'm so freaking frustrated right now.

I might as well start reading YA.

But I hate YA.

I have no desire to read about high school kids with high school problems.

I keep getting suggestions for Christian novels.

I love me some Jesus but I want to read about vampires ripping necks out instead.

I seriously don't know what to do. I only have 2 authors left that I can really hang on.

And don't get me wrong. I'm not against sex. I'm just against it being the selling point of the book I'm interested in. If it's a selling point, I'm out. I'm tired of buying books and skipping a third of it just so I don't have to read about how big his cock is or how wet her pussy is. I'm sick of it.

So right now I have nothing to read.

All these books on my Kindle and I have nothing to read.

I have my own book ideas that I want to start on but I'm 100% certain it won't sell because their won't be any sex scenes in it or the romance is minimal. Even more discouraging.

Someone said if you haven't yet found the book you want to read, write it. But if I write it, who else is going to read it with me? No one.