Saturday, July 26, 2014

Anointed by Maggie Mae Gallagher

Alana, a Cantati, has to go back in time to stop an invasion. This is my kind of stuff but I had a really hard time digging into it. It started off wonderful. An invasion took place, it was all hands on deck and people were losing their lives all over the place. She gets thrown back in time a little too far and has to basically play detective and find clues in order to do what she needs to do. But of course it cant be that simple. Not only is she being attacked, but she catches the eye of Gaelen. Gaelen was cast out of his home for a ridiculous reason and is now fighting to survive.

The action was actually pretty good but in between the action, it's slow moving. Not to mention she kept getting her ass handed to her. I skipped ahead pages at a time because I'd already put the book down three times to see if I wanted to pick it back up again. I also thought the romance felt forced. The sexual tension was forced. I'm not anticipating picking up book two because this one didn't have enough that would make me want to check in on them.

2 Stars