Monday, July 14, 2014

Wolf Fever by Milly Taiden

Alpha Project, Book 1

I got this suggestion in an FB group. Thankfully, my library had it so I e-checked it out. Anywho ...

This was a quick read so I'll keep my review brief. Raine is an escaped experiment. When she can't bear to be alive anymore, she finds Ryder, a wolf shifter. Upon their first meeting, he's in her pants. The rest of the book goes that same way. Anyway ... One of the wolves Ryder knows goes missing and they have to find him. Milly is also sought by the people she escaped from so she can come back to the lab and complete a breeding process. The people experimenting on her, and another wolf, are trying to create the ultimate Alpha.  Of course, this won't fly because she's apparently Ryder's mate.

I think you can tell how un-enthused I am.

The book was going great until Raine met Ryder. After that, things went down fast. Quick action scenes that were actually good gave way to longer sex scenes that really ate up a nice percentage of the book. It got to the point where once I was happy with the story progressing, it got incredibly predictable and then ... They had sex again. Needless to say, I'll pass on this author in the future.

1 Star
IR: Raine (BlackLatina ... It's unclear)

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Prisoner (Echo's Wolf: Werewolf Marines) by Lia Silver

Werewolf Marines: Echo's Wolf, Book 1

Marines DJ Torres and Roy Farrell are shot down from their helicopter. Roy is so badly injured that DJ decides to try and do something drastic to save his life, turn him into a wolf. After help arrives and they're taken for treatment, things go sideways. DJ soon learns that the doctor whose watching him isn't interested in helping him at all. DJ tries to escape and runs into Echo, a woman who works at the facility who is scary strong. After a failed takedown attempt, DJ heads out into 117 degree heat. Skip the rescue and we come to DJ being recruited into this top secret organization. Of course, he wouldn't willingly work for these people. He basically gets the same deal as Echo was given, either work here or your loved one dies. The rest of the novel is spent with the two getting to know each other and DJ learning his surroundings before a bad move with a pack of wolves nearly gets Echo killed.

First, let me say thanks to Lia Silver for giving me a copy of this. I was immediately drawn to the cover. Who is on the cover? A FREAKING FILIPINO! Who does that? Lia Silver does that! I'm so excited by just the cover alone that I said yes to reading it before I really realized what the book was about. Lol. Anyhow ...

Overall, I thought the book was decent. The character building was very good. I know each and every character, how they act, what they like, what they're about to say before they say it etc. etc. The story, itself, works well for me because I love reading about those top secret clandestine organizations that break every rule known to man in the name of science. But of course, I'm attached to the characters now. I really NEED to know how it ends for them. If I don't continue reading the series, I'll never know and it'll drive me bonkers. I like the fact that the book didn't end with them escaping. It gave me something to look forward to, which means more to come with DJ and Echo. I also like that their are still underlying issues that were addressed and put away, but to be worked out further later down the line, like DJ being separated from his pack. The only thing that I didn't like was the love scene. When they finally got around to having sex, it was VERY 'I'm a clumsy teenage virgin.' The entire scene was riddled with a ton of dialogue that basically went, 'is it ok if I do this?' 'Ok, my turn.' I ended up skipping it all, but because it was at the end of the book, it brought my high down quite a bit.

Outside of that, I really liked that. I would love more action in the next one. Echo is really skilled so I'll be really looking for more of her in the next one to come.

3 Stars
IR: DJ (Filipino) and every other race is represented.

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