Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Raw by Belle Aurora

Every now and then I find a book that makes me lose my mind. 9 out of 10 times, it's not a paranormal so that really works me over a good piece while my brain is coming back from being mush. Last year, it was the Consequences series, this time, it's Raw.

Raw is the story of Alexa. A woman living in Australia who is being stalked and she knows it. One fateful night, she is attacked right outside of her apartment building and is saved by her stalker. What happens next doesn't make any sense.

Twitch is said stalker. A tattooed guy who wears a hoodie and watches her whenever she's out living her life. After he saves her, he sits with her in her apartment while she tries to sleep, and does so many nights after that. But Twitch aint quite right. He's controlling and a bit of a sociopath. Alexa knows this, feels this, but deals with him anyway. And when I say 'deals with' I mean she allows him dominate her and f*** the crap out of her, daring her to tell him no. She's going to get 'it' from him how he wants to give it and not any other way matters. Over the course of this effed up relationship, Twitch and Alexa kind of decide to keep each other. Alexa being this really good person who helps kids who are in the system, and Twitch being ... This dude who shows up in her apartment any time he wants, things are as complicated as you can imagine. Imagine this guy showing up at your job just to eat you out. Imagine this guy screwing you into tears and then you question your own sanity as to why you like it. Imagine him turning out to be something you didn't really think he was and it makes it much worse.

My head is flipping. Twitch is a bastard who is mean, crazy, unhinged, and unapologetic. And if you're a little 'off' like I am, you'll want Twitch to succeed in every horrible deed he has set out for himself.

With that said, the ending leaves a lot to the imagination. Will their be a part 2? Has to be! The epilogue? Come on ... It's gotta happen. I'll be stalking the author until the next one is released. Thanks to Belle Aurora for making a sociopathic borderline erotic thriller that I actually liked reading.

I will also say that the writing style isn't the best. It's kind of annoying. But if you can get past it, it's worth it.

4 Stars
Only 4 because for a while, he softened.