Tuesday, February 25, 2014

An Arrangement of Love by Kenya Wright

Let me start by saying that this is not paranormal. It's a contemporary romance. Their is sex but I don't have to throw anything at the author because while it was sexy, I wasn't drowning in bodily juices like I thought I would be.

Now ...

Jasmine Montgomery is a Harvard University graduate who came from the hood. She's a pretty girl with high hopes for herself and is called for the job of a lifetime, to be the executive assistant to Chase Stone. Chase is, or could have been, the boss from hell, but he had ulterior motives ... Getting Jasmine in bed. She is soon presented with the opportunity to join his unique arrangement. Chase is engaged and has 2 other girlfriends, and he's looking for Jasmine to be number 4 in the house. Unfortunately, to the dismay of the women already there, Chase begins breaking all the rules his fiance have set in place to keep the house, and the women, in line. While Jasmine is going back and forth trying to figure out why she is going along with this horrible arrangement idea, her best friend is sleeping with Jasmine's twin brother ... And that's a story for another day.

Dawn is basically HBIC at the house. She's his fiancee and therefore number 1. I can't remember the order of the other two but I'm guessing Lucy is number 2 because they've been friends for a very long time. She's not with Chase for sex, just companionship. Wendy is an alcoholic and a hypocrite, in my opinion. The previous 3 number 4's have all died or been killed. You'll have to read to find out which one. The mystery of who Jasmine's birth father is has been solved, even though it was a little obvious by the end. I still didn't even think twice about it until the end. Then I went ... Oh eww.

Overall ... It pains me to say that I really liked this novella and am looking forward to the next book because it clearly isn't ending after just this 1. Damn you, Kenya. You make me sick.

3 1/2Stars
IR all over the place
Interracial Romance Series

Sour by Uzuri M. Wilkerson

Bitten Series, Book 2

Sour is an understatement.

I dont know if the author was reading my mind about Jay or what because he was only in the book a small percentage. Great!

Anywho ... In book 2, we come across a new group of 'hunters' who make Jay and his crew look like pansies. Where Jay and the hunters were all out killing vampires, this new crew is torturing with glee. Milo is still a threat but he's a little ... Short armed ... This time around, and I chuckle every time I think about it. There was a lot more action to book 2 and man ... When I tell you ... Cillian makes me happy. Yall ... Please. Get with Cillian. Cillian has a new friend in the house who turns out to be nearly as cray as he is. They're on Celia's ass like you wouldn't believe. I nearly felt bad for her this time around until ... I met Michael.

Michael is the light of my life. He's what a woman would consider sexy as hell but I just think he's adorable. He turns out to be someone Celia can count on and someone I wouldn't mind seeing her with if things went sour with Victor.

Getting back to Victor.

Just when I was thinking about writing him off in book 1, Wilkerson graces us with a beautiful book 2 that glorifies Victor and his relationship with Celia.

My review is vague. I did it purposely. I don't know what the hell is wrong with yall that you didn't enter the giveaway for book 1. You're missing something amazing. I'm reopening the giveaway until the end of March.

Oh ... And we finally find out why Celia tastes so sweet.

I mean I'm cool with it, I just thought their would be a better reason. Maybe she's atypical. We just won't know until book 3. I'm so excited for this series. Thanks again, Uzuri, youda youda bes!

4 Stars
IR all over the place