Monday, February 17, 2014

Rumors of Wars by RL Craven

Of Wars, Book 1

I have some crazy mixed feelings.

Immediately I liked it. Perish Blackburn is the type of heroine I like. She's almost on point with Jane Yellowrock. Almost. Jane is much smarter. Anyway ... Perish is your stereotypical bad ass female with snarky attitude, cool powers, and very few friends. I generally like those. I like Perish. It's Pride I take issue with.

Perish is a bounty hunter. She lives with a woman named Calamity who is often called Princess Buttercup. PB is kind of a mother/sister/annoyingfriend figure in Perish's life. I'm getting off track. A group of wizards need Perish to retrieve something for them. The problem is where the item is. While Perish and Pride decide how to go about dealing with the wizards, they make some stupid decisions about how to put the ball in their court. One of those decisions gets Pride turned into a cub. He's a werewolf but him being changed into a cub is quite cute. There is even a run in with a vampire and a succubus and honey ... The scene with the succubus is GLORIOUS.

I realize that as I'm typing this that I'm not going a good job of convincing anyone to buy this book when I really think everyone should. It's written well and the world building is good, but Pride lacks personality. Here's the deal ... When we first met Pride, he just FELT like a wolf to me. His demeanor was all wolf. But as the book went on, he was just a normal person walking around in a thousand dollar sweater trying to be funny. I don't know, this is difficult.

The book is good. Perish is a badass but not very smart. Pride is supposed to be the smart one but he's just trying to follow Perish around.

OMG this just isn't working. I don't know why I'm having so much trouble writing a review for this.

I just really WANT to like this so much. I want to give it 5 stars but the characters just seemed so generic. Hopefully things will change in book 2. I'm definitely getting book 2 because this is the type of stuff I like. No sex. Light romance. Action. And then I had problems seeing Perish. I knew that she was 6 feet tall, skinny, and with dark hair but that's all I got. I realize later that we're told, in so many words, that she MAY be black/white, but I still don't know what she looks like. I saw Pride, Trick, and Grace quite well, but not Perish.

Ok seriously ... My review sucks because it's just me rambling. The book is great. It really is. I plan on putting this author on my list of authors to be hounded for new books right next to Faith Hunter and Aleksandr Voinov. Seriously ... It's awesome. If you don't need the mushy stuff and just want a great story and action, this is for you.

4 Stars
IR: Perish (black/white) Pride (Brazilian/Samoan)