Saturday, January 25, 2014

Demon Chained by Erica Hayes

This one was hard for me to get into because I couldn't figure out who was who. Their is a man ... Could be Asian ... It was unclear ... But his name is Tam. And it is very clear that Tam is dead. A zombie. He's not the gross kind that we're used to, but more put together, however he still oozes and cracks. Tam works for a man/demon/thing named Kane who gives him the task of stealing a magic lamp with a djinni inside. One problem. The djinni, Jewel, is currently her own boss. She'd gotten out after being trapped in her lap for a long period of time and the first thing she wants to do is have sex. That's where the trouble starts. Her lamp gets stolen, by Tam, while shes having sex with some random. Tam has only a short while to deliver it to Kane or he goes back to Hell for eternity.

The book made sense. Predictable sense. But still, it made sense. Jewel becomes quickly dependent upon her master. Their is like a magical rope that will hold her to him whether she wants it to or not. Now that Tam is tied to her, Tam doesn't want her and she can't believe that she isn't wanted. Of course, over the course of the book, things change and sh!t hits the fan.

The biggest problem the book had was first person. Every paragraph or chapter change, the first person changed and it was very unclear why or who was speaking until you get a good ways into the change to realize who's eyes you're seeing through. It happens throughout the book. It takes a while to get used to but eventually you do ... You just don't know who you are until you get into it. Another issue I had was that I couldn't see Tam very clearly. I knew he was male (only after maybe a chapter or two), I knew he was dead, but only about halfway through did I really get a visual that still wasn't very good. All I knew is that Tam was good looking for a dead guy. He has muscles and he leaks. That's all I know. I got a better description of his fae friend from the jump, who I really started to like at the end.

Outside of those two major things ... The book was decent. I like Tam. He's actually a good guy with morals and a conscience which is odd for a dead guy that isn't a ghost. Jewel could be seen as annoying but it was warranted and therefore she fit well. I thought all the characters made sense, the personalities were clear, and so were their motives. The story was ... Ok. If you say djinni in a book, I will automatically assume she will not be free and that someone will want her. That's just how it is. The love story was predictable, the ending was not. Good. Overall, yes, I would recommend it, but it wouldn't be my first recommendation.

3 Stars
Tam (Asian ... I think)