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Shaman Rises by CE Murphy

Walker Papers, Book 9, Final

I found it interesting that at the end of it all ... After everything she'd gone through ... At the very end, she took it back to the basics and became just a Shaman. At the end of the series the shaman rose.

I bled through this entire series over the course of maybe two weeks.

I need to point out that the lead, Joanne is 6 feet tall, 165lbs, and has short spiky black hair. Don't let that cover fool you.

I'd been suggested this series a million times.

I didn't really pay attention to it because I thought Joanne Walker was too plain. Finally, at last, I realized there was a Jane Yellowrock / Joanne Walker crossover so I decided to give this a try.

I don't even really know how to begin other than by saying that I'm completely worn. Have you ever fully immersed yourself in something so much that you fake yourself into feeling as tired as they are, sad, happy and everything in between? Shaman Rises is the final book in the Walker Papers series and it is the best written, ended, and wrapped series I've read. I was about to say since the Vampire Huntress series but no ... That didn't wrap up nicely. It led to another series that the late great LA Banks didn't have the chance to finish.

I'm not about to give you spoilers or a real summary. I will just say that I hadn't read a series, until this one, where I felt like the heroine was really tested. It's not my favorite series. It's too wordy for my A.D.D. But at the same time, I haven't read a series that literally picked me up and tossed me into the leads body. That's what this felt like to me. I'd become so emotionally invested in this person that when I was reading I felt I was living her life. Joanne's life. I felt EVERYTHING. I experienced EVERYTHING.

Basically ... Joanne had a Shamanic awakening many years later than when she was supposed to have it. Over the course of the series, and roughly 16 months book time, she came into full shamanic AND mage powers. These were things she was supposed to be learning from birth, but because of that thing called life, her training was derailed. By the time we get to the last of the series, she'd been going non stop for roughly two weeks on no sleep and no food. Joanne was running on fumes. It's just simply unbelievable ... She was carrying so much baggage all the time that by the end of the series, there was just a huge weight that had been lifted off of her shoulders. I was actually proud of her, happy for her, and hoping like hell she could get some rest.

She got phenomenal powers. She flew a freaking car! She bent light around her to make herself invisible. She shielded multiple people at a time like it was nothing. But the thing that was great about all this was she wasn't SUPPOSED to be able to do any of that. People around her would tell her she shouldn't have been able to do that. But because she had no training and no one to tell her what she could and could not do, she did it all anyway. And it was badass.

At the end, when she and her crew basically saved the world, and her powers were at full mast, she brought people together to basically heal Seattle. Shamans are healers. Joanne had to walk a line between Shaman and Warrior before figuring out how to do them together. But at the end of it all, when she could finally get some peace, healing is what she wanted to do.

This series is amazing. It's wordy. It's not a bad thing because you literally go into every single thought process she has and when. Not to mention, in this book, when the 'bodies' shifted and you got a peak into someone elses head, I thought that was awesome. Anyway ... It started off slowly for me. The whole series i mean. But it really picked up speed. You'll fall in love with Gary from the beginning, get googly eyed when you meet Coyote in human form, and you'll smile every time Joanne and Morrison are in the room together. There's just so much good with the series and the last book that I can't stop reeling from it. I stayed up all freaking night reading this last one and don't regret the lack of sleep.

I'm done. I loved it.

BTW, I wonder if I could stalk CE Murphy into doing a spinoff about Suzanne. Hmm ...

5 Stars
IR: Joanne (NA/Irish), Coyote (NA), Melinda (Lat)
Also ... Don't forget ... CE Murphy is the author of the Negotiator Trilogy that features a black heroine. Don't let the book covers fool you.

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