Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Paranormal Action Without Sex?

After I ranted I decided to hit up twitter and ask those authors that I just die for. I started with the two most obvious, Faith Hunter (Jane Yellowrock) and CE Murphy (Negotiator and Walker Papers). I wanted to know how they continue to make it without adding sex seeing as how so many are starting from that point. I think CE Murphy had the most interesting answer out of the two, but let's start with Faith.

Jane FINALLY gets lucky? OMG! This is crazy. If you've been following this series like I have, you know that this never happens so I welcome this with open arms. Not to mention ... I really don't think it will make me cringe. I also doubt it will be detailed. *fist pump*

Joanne isn't the sort to share intimate details. Is that the secret? Sure, we want to think about the character only when we read a book but someone wrote those words. Are these authors really just writing it because they want it there or is it absolutely necessary to character development? It's a whole nother way to look at it that I never thought about it before. Interesting.

I think there's only one other author that I haven't asked but I'll be getting to that and following up on that later.


  1. Love their answers! Now I'm even more eager to read their books and support them. This gives me some renewed inspiration to follow in their footsteps and not be afraid of pushing the genre a little bit.

  2. Great answers! And finally happy Jane gets lucky. Love the Yellowrock series and appreciate the fact that sex is not an obligatory part of the UF world Hunter created.