Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Indie Recon Live!

First, let me say THANK YOU to those that made the Jen Greyson Alterations giveaway so awesome. It was the best giveaway turnout I've had at UPBookBlog. I'm also super grateful that the giveaway was for an author and series that I really believe in and love.

But now ... Indie Recon Live has both books in the Alterations series up for multiple nominations. Give Jen a huge nod and go over there and vote! You can vote every single day. I plan to. Will you?

Most Breathtaking Kiss
Mmm... You know the one, that first one between Evy and Constantine!

Best First Line:
Lightning Rider
Shadow Boxer

Best NA Author:
Yours truly :)

Best NA Book:
Lightning Rider
Shadow Boxer

Best Book Boyfriend:
Constantine from Lightning Rider and Shadow Boxer

Best Kickbutt Main Character:
(duh!) Evy from Lightning Rider and Shadow Boxer

Round one voting ends 8/15 and then round 2 will begin. Vote folks!

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