Tuesday, July 8, 2014

CLOSED: Jen Greyson Giveaway!

The Alterations series by Jen Greyson is on the move but she needs your help! I know you're saying to yourself, "how can I help?" Just answer 2 questions about book 1 and in return, you'll be entered to win a copy of her eBook Shadow Boxer, which is book 2 in the Alterations series.


Q1) If you were looking to purchase a new book online, based on the cover alone, which would you choose? Blue Cover or Grey Cover?
Q2) If you were browsing in a bookstore, which cover would grab your attention first? Blue Cover or Grey Cover?

And that's it! Respond to this post with your answers to both questions. Include your name and email address for contact in case you're the winner! Contest ends Friday July 11 at 5pm.

Want to check out book 1? Jen is giving it away for free on July 23, 24, and 30.

Check out the blurb after the jump!

Anyone can time travel...
Only one family can alter events.

Until history lost them.

And while unaided, unchaperoned, and unmonitored, the eldest daughter discovered power never before imagined...

As lightning strikes move time travelers across dimensional chessboards, Evy Rivera must use her lightning bullwhips to outplay, outmaneuver, and outgame the system before her mentors realize the true extent of her ability.

When Evy gets thrown into ancient Spain with nothing but her weapon and her wits to keep her alive, she must quickly assess friends from foes. Everyone wants her power yet no one will reveal the truth.

Begrudgingly, the virile centurion, Constantine, agrees to train Evy to become a warrior, but as their missions align, she is distracted by her growing attraction. He is raw with a tortured past and his graceful power sparks something deep inside Evy that makes her want to be more...better...worthy. Their heated arguments are surpassed only by their intensity on the battlefield…and between the sheets.

But Constantine cannot help Evy uncover her family's destiny. As the alteration draws to a bloody close, more doubts about her mentors surface and Evy realizes nothing is as it seemed.

Can she unravel the truth before she unmakes the wrong history?


Good luck!
Link to my review of Book 1
Link to my review of Book 2


  1. Going to be honest. As a lover of diverse reads, and as a woman of color, I prefer the first cover. This isnt to win or enter a contest or anything, I'd just like the author to know, since she seems to be an avid follower of your blog, I recently bought her book(like literally three days ago)based on the woman on the cover.

    The only thing that may steer me into buying a book with a white guy on it would be if the woman of color was also on the book with him. White guys on books may sell more, but they're often misleading. I wonder if she might consider a cover that may feature both characters?

    1. GL - Thank you so much for your input, and that's a great idea! The cover designer and I toyed with the idea when he first designed it and I may have him do that in future books in the series.

      And thank you so much for picking up a copy!

  2. Although both covers are very nice, I like the grey cover best. Probably because it has a man who looks determined. Although I am signed in as Haven Malone, my real name is Sue and my email is havenmalone61@gmail.com.

    1. I think that's what drew me to the art, because the character is wickedly intense!

  3. Replies
    1. Lissa! I can't enter you until you answer both questions and add your contact info! Come back to us!

  4. OK, so I tried to enter, but I think I did something wrong. Can you count it from here? I would pick blue for both. My email is bek_c_bogum@hotmail.com

    Pic of the entry request.

  5. my answer to both is the gray cover :)

  6. Question #1 Grey Cover
    Question #2 Grey Cover
    Jacqueline Gilliard gill57jackie@gmail.com

    1. Congrats on winning!!!! And thanks so much for your input.

    2. Thanks Jen, I'm doing a happy dance right now!!!

  7. 1#Blue 2#Blue

  8. Hi everyone and thanks for entering. I put names in a literal cup and shook it up. The lucky winner is Lj Gill! Thanks for entering and keep an eye on the blog for more giveaways coming up!

  9. I really want to thank Deva for all her effort in putting this together, and most of all for being such an advocate for these books. This conversation really opened up my eyes to how invested my readers get in this series (and makes me humbled that you all love these characters as much as I do!)

    Evy is an amazing champion, and I've given this a LOT of thought, and because you guys were so split on the final vote -- and it happened while I was in Vegas at the Romance Novel Convention with the books too-- I've decided to change back to the original covers, and feature the photo of Constantine in a lot more of my marketing since he's obviously still a draw. (So, any of you who have the ebook with him on the cover have a VERY limited edition :)

    Be on the lookout for pre-order options for the next book in the series!! Release date, Fall 2014 (And I'm hoping Deva will let me come chat about it on the blog too!!)

    You guys were so awesome for participating and much much thanks again to Deva.

    Congrats Lj Gill!