Sunday, July 6, 2014

Another Rant about JR Ward

I think anyone who understands my reading habits also understand how much of an issue I have with JR Ward. The author of the Black Dagger Brotherhood Series. She has obvious issues with class in regards to gender, and obvious issues with race. These issues she has failed to address no matter how many times someone has asked her about it.

I got a kick in the butt to finish Lover At Last. It was the book that focused on her gay/bi vampire pair Blay and Quinn. Long before I finished it, I read a review by Rebekah Weatherspoon, author of Better Off Red, that summed up what I was feeling while reading. And since I've finished it, it's THE PERFECT review. Rebekah made excellent points, those I share.

Many moons ago, when I first started the series, I sent an email to JR Ward. I was a fan. I wanted to know where the color was. These vampires are living in a fictional place in New York. Anyone who has ever seen a shot of New York even on television knows what a melting pot New York is. So I basically asked her where was the color, why do all of the Chosen look alike, and again where was the color? I got a response a week later stating that their are no races based on color, only the vampire race. Okay. While I took that answer, I was later introduced to Trez and IAm. They are Moors. Black vampires but they're a little different. In Lover At Last, we find out they come from a tribe.

Now here comes my issue. During the course of the book, while JR Ward destroys my favorite pairing Blay/Quinn, she shows Trez as that black guy who hates black women and doesn't want to deal with them in order for him to have a white woman. I have no problem with interracial anything. Duh. But when you finally give your book some color and this is what you do ... There lies a bigger problem. Trez basically spends his 'page time' trying to get away from anyone who wants him to marry the Shadow Princess. Why? There's some white Chosen he's after. He's not even met this Princess but he's called her every derogatory name he could think of, while getting his jollies off with white women.

I'm just confused.

This is getting too long.

The real reason I started this post was to complain about the cover of the book that is dedicated to the Shadows, Trez and I-Am. Remember, they are dark skinned with shaved heads from a tribe and this is the cover given.

Well ... At least the white man is standing in the shadows. LOL.

How's that for diversity? Thanks JR Ward, but #weneediversebooks that don't purposely and continuously throw anyone that isn't lily white under the bottom of a shoe.

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