Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Blood Chills by Marie Treanor

Blood Hunters, Book 5

If you haven't been keeping up with this series from the start, it shouldn't be hard to start in the middle. Yes, their are references to things that happened in past books but it doesn't stop you from figuring out what happened and enjoying this one. Blood Chills is about a vampire hunter named Cynthia, she gets sick to her stomach every time a vampire is in her presence. She and her band of merry hunters are hired to take care of a problem that involves someone brutally killing women in the area. While they are on the trail of a vampire, Rudy, her best friend/father figure/vampire hunting partner, is taken down hard with a gruesome bite. Finding out who dare hurt Rudy becomes personal for Cyn. Her search leads her to Bela, a Hungarian vampire who plays in a band. Long story short, he is hot for her, she gives in, the killer is caught and all ends well.

Yes, the ends are tied up quite nicely that way with more detail, of course. I enjoyed this book and it almost makes me want to start it from the beginning. The vampires have nice character but the humans are kind of boring. I also thought this was cliche ... The human who is repulsed by vampires falls into bed with one. We just knew it would happen from the very beginning. That is literally the gist of the story, aside from the murder they need to solve. Cyn's mother ends up being attacked but that broad showed her attacker a piece of her mind, or lack there of. They then come to the conclusion that the killer is now after anyone Cynthia cares about. Can it get any more personal? They track him down all the way to another country and get some good advice from a vampire there. Only after they miscalculate how a plan will go, is when they really figure things out in the end.

Really decent book, love story is very cliche, but still worth the read.

3 Stars
IR: Cynthia (AA), Bela (Hungarian)

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