Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Night Broken by Patricia Briggs

Mercy Thompson, Book 8

First of all, I'm pretty ticked that I had to pay $10.99 for the Kindle version of this. I was about to get seriously pissed off but remembered I had a Kindle gift credit to use so that knocked the price down for me. Still not happy about that but whatever ...

And here we meet Christy.

Remember that Adam, Alpha and Mercy's husband, was married before? To a human named Christy? Who dumped their daughter, Jesse, on him when she decided her life was more important? Yea, Christy shows up in a big way.

Christy calls asking for help. She needs to get away from a guy she'd been seeing because he was hurting her. Immediately, half the pack is up in arms and ready for her to come while the other half has their issues with her flitting around like she's queen. When she gets there, their emotions are justified. Christy comes into the house, bruised and all, and takes charge. She's up in Mercy's kitchen so much that Mercy won't even eat at home. Pack members are falling all over her because she's helpless Christy who just needs to be somewhere safe, and maybe stay. What? Yea, she thought about staying.

Later, we meet Gary LaughingDog and find out some interesting details about his parentage, learn that he's also a coyote walker, and has 'Seeings.' Basically, visions. Mercy goes on a mission to meet him when a fae Gray Lord comes to her demanding the walking stick. Gary doesn't say much in the way of information on how to contact Coyote, but shows up later to give her some pertinent information about something that's plaguing the pack. Other information comes from bits and pieces she could pick up from Kyle and her own knowledge. Kyle telling her why this guy is so obsessed with a person and Mercy putting together why he could be obsessed with Christy.

Christy's ex is Juan Flores, a non-human who liked to beat on her. What kind of non-human, you ask? I won't tell you, but it's pretty difficult to deal with because one upcoming confrontation between him and a few pack members has them all hugging each other because they think they're going to their death. That's how lethal this guy is. Seeing as how this guy tried to get the best of Mercy, and nearly succeeded before Tad and Adam intervened, is not good news. I've always had my issues with Mercy seeming weak but something about this part of the series changed and I saw her, finally, as a worthy fighter and worthy to be Adam's wife. Not only is Honey on Mercy's side now, but she's on it in a major way. She showed the pack, and Christy, the video of she and Juan's fight in the garage and it had Christy cringing for reasons you will find out later. Not to mention, that after the fact, Mercy had gotten so sick of tip toeing around Christy, that she let her have it. And I was so on board! Btw, I would love to have Christy and Mercy's mother in the same room together and see what happens.

And btw, I am now an enemy of Coyote.

The end fight was actually unexpected but good. What happened to Mercy will certainly catch you off guard and I am fully looking forward to book 9.

Dare I give it 5 stars? Yea. Finally.

5 Stars
Some IR, not much.

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