Sunday, February 9, 2014

Lying With Scorpions by Aleksandr Voinov

Memory of Scorpions, Book 2

Adrastes has shown his ass. The second Scorpion book tells about Adrastes going from Lord Protector, to King. He has all of these grand ideas about uniting lands under his rule before handing it over to Vistar once things are set the way he wants them to. The problem is, his ambitions are pushing Kendras away. No longer is he thinking like the loyal man that he once was to Kendras, but thinking and talking like a Noble ... A king ... At all times. I have to tell you, the change was nearly immediate and Kendras had a right to feel the way that he did. This book is packed with so much solid story and a few twists that I really can't say too much because one thing gives away something else.

The Jaishani descend on Dalman. I'm talking about legion style descending. Enough of a presence to where people are worried for everything they hold dear. The Jaishani are basically blue eyed black people from another land. I found it interesting that one of the Jaishani stories is that in the beginning, all people were black, but they turned pale when they were doing wicked things and not living their lives right. They have many stories and legends that I thought Voinov made believable for the book. Anyway, Lord Amrash is the Jaishani ambassador who is leading that legion and basically comes to stay to offer his services to King Adrastes because he himself is half Jaishani. This doesn't ever prove to be a problem, only a benefit because of the wonderful things they bring with them. On the other side of the castle, Kendras is making nice with the commander of Eagles Test, Graukar. The two of them together are wonderful to read. I think I found it so refreshing because there was no judgement, Graukar just seemed like a really good dude. The Scorpions got a new recruit who they began to call Runner. That's a whole story in itself that I can't give away. Kendras finds out things about his past that I can't give away ... Those things point to the direction of other things. There's a kidnapping ... And I thought it was beautiful ... But what to do with the prisoner? That's a nail-biter.

Too much meat to this story to give you a full synopsis that will do it justice.

Overall ... Kendras begins to doubt Adrastes. You can feel it brewing from the very beginning and ESPECIALLY when it comes to a head at the very end. It ends on a tension-filled note. A bad one. The entire book you feel like you're on pins and needles whenever Adrastes is in the room. After all, you're seeing everything through the eyes of Kendras who seems to be the only of the two with a firm grasp on reality. I mean ... The ending ... I was ready for Adrastes to just give in and Kendras be the Scorpion he planned on being before all this sky raining fire and kidnapping and stuff. I mean ... THERE'S SO MUCH GOING ON. The book is amazing. The love story is amazing. It's like watching a couple just grow apart while they're still in the same room. I just ... I love this series so much. I don't even mind the sex ... Oh because yes, there's lots of sex and it's all M/M. Everything ... Just ... So great. I love you, Aleksandr, I freaking love you. And thank you Netgalley. You're the best.

5 Stars
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