Saturday, December 7, 2013

Black Arts by Faith Hunter

Jane Yellowrock, Book 7
Release Date: Jan 7, 2014

I need to say a few things before I begin my first review in months.

1. YAY!
2. My new Kindle is the standard 6" display but is nice and lightweight. I miss the big bulk of my Kindle Keyboard but this one is great.
3. I swoon over new Jane Yellowrock book covers because the model is just wonderful.
4. I'm back. YAY!

Book 7 of the Jane Yellowrock series is a little more emotionally taxing on Jane than the others. The action level was low until a little after the middle of the book but it makes sense because Jane is going through a lot. Evan Trueblood, and his children, pay Jane a visit and tell her that Molly went missing on a mission to see Jane.

Ah hell.

As soon as you find that out, you can feel Jane's heartache. Little Evan isn't so little anymore and Angelina has growing, scary, magic that she shouldn't even have yet. She's working spells without knowledge of how the stuff should even work. It's natural and she's powerful. Angelina has been one of my favorites from the beginning of the series and I just knew, in my soul, that she was going to be a big deal. I know many things are in store for her in the future.

Jane has to deal with Molly being missing, plus two of Katie's witches going missing, plus a "gather" going down that Leo obviously doesn't want, attempts on her life and anyone in her home, and Ricky-Bo coming in to make Jane's heart pitterpatter.

I'm not sure how to rate this one against the others. It was good, but not Death's Rival good but still good. This one feels more like we're getting some things out in the open. No, that Jane is getting some things out in the open about herself, accepting them, and finally moving on without the weight she constantly carries. Their is a moment ... and boy is a moment ... With Rick ... Lord ... I won't tell you how I felt or how Jane felt but honey, you're going to feel it too.

Overall, it's an emotional trip worth being taken on that ends with a decent showdown that could be seen as interesting or anticlimactic depending on what you're into. It was a little of both for me but it fits with the theme of the book. Black Arts comes out January 7 so make sure you get your copy. The kindle version is $5.99 and the Paperback is $7.99, both on

Happy Reading

3 1/2 Stars
Lots of races represented.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

My Kindle ...


I shall begin reading immediately!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Black Friday ...

I said before that I'd been able to read on the Galaxy tablet. It worked for a bit but I hate the battery life and, well, it's my kids, and she was going crazy because it was not at home when she was there when I wasn't and couldn't ask me where it was, lol.

Sooooooooo I had to give it up.

But! *holds up finger*

Black Friday was good to me and Best Buy had a Kindle for $49. It will be here this week and I will get to you all, I promise. I'm so freaking excited to get back to reading.