Saturday, June 8, 2013

Moon Called by Patricia Briggs

Mercy Thompson, Book 1

When I asked for recommendations on an Urban Fantasy book to read with a non-caucasian female lead, this one popped up more than once. I'd been overlooking it for years because I didn't like the cover. Yes ... I don't like the cover. Yall know me ... Lol.

Although I'm sure majority of you have already read it, Mercy is a half Native American Skinwalker. Her animal is coyote. She was raised by the head of the werewolves and lives on a pack alpha's property.

This is going to be hard to review because I know that tons have already read it AND because I didn't really like it even though i felt that I should.

Briefly, someone is stirring up trouble among the wolves. Since Mercy has been placed in the middle of it, she finds that she has to deal with it even though she was told, by the nearby pack Alpha, not to do anything. But then again ... She's not pack so why should she obey his order? Adam is the pack alpha. Hes a hard ass but ... Then again ... The wolves in this series are a little more hard core than I've encountered before.

I can't get my thoughts together so I'm going to stop trying. The book was good but I won't remember it a month from now. Mercy wasn't very much of a badass at all. She was just a chick who could do a trick. I don't think I'm used to my supernatural heroines being so ... human. The main storyline was good and the book is fully diversified, but the ending 'date' seemed a little forced and that made it end on an awkward note. I don't know ... I'm definitely going to get book 2 (the library has them all for my Kindle), because I am hoping the series will get better. Probably will ... I hope.

2 1/2 Stars
Mercy (NA), Darryl (AA), David and grandsons (AA), Tony (Latino)