Monday, April 8, 2013

The Queen's Revelation by M.T. Harrte

Alexis Wolfe, Book 2

Before I can begin, I must address how much this book cover disturbs me. The series' main focus is a loc'd black female wolf shifter, yet the cover ... Looks like this. To get to the bottom of it, I asked the author if the choice of cover was that of the publisher or if it were her decision, why put a white male on the cover.

"It was actually my choice. Alexis has quite a few men in life and I wanted one to be represented. The next book will be of Alexis or possibly her and a male."

I suppose I could understand this logic if their were a second POV or more time spent with the other male outside of Alexis. She was literally everywhere with everyone in the scenes so IMO it doesn't warrant one of her guys getting the cover when she (Alexis) hasn't even had a cover and the series is about her. This may not be an issue to anyone else but me, lol. I'm that person who does judge a book by it's cover. Literally. Plus, I would love to see a sista with locs on a book cover.

Anyhow ...

The Queen's Revelation picks up at the search for Alexis' daughter, Anastasia. Anastasia was kidnapped by the former queen, Samirah, and Alexis' mate, Mason. Since they're having no luck, Ethan, the ghost, wants Alexis to garner support from all those in her court so that they will WANT to help her find her daughter. This comes with problems. The big one being Samirah's assassination attempts every time Alexis goes to visit with the other supernaturals. Aside from that, we get a new character named Orrin who is a troll. He's huge, ugly, super strong, pretty fast and has lots of fighting tricks up his sleeve. Not to mention, he is very kind and now completely devoted to Alexis.

Now here's my problem. Why is she throwing her goods around? She tried to get laid 3 times before she finally won that battle. One of those times was with Orrin. She actually thought she was about to have sex with a super big troll, with an erection that is eye level to her ... He even explained that some troll women die during sex. This heffa gonna tell him that she's still wolf and can bend her body in plenty of ways.

I threw my Kindle away ... In the trashcan ... For about 5 seconds before I panicked and got it out.

That was such a forehead slapping moment.

Anyway ... It's fast paced and never dull but the writing still needs a little work. It's easy to follow, yes, but it's really ... Simple (for lack of better word). It reminds me of a children's chapter book. I finally got better descriptions of some people but not many. Ethan was described in detail several times, right down to his clothes. I got a better sense of what Alexis and Thadius looked like, plus I know what the trolls and goblins look like quite well ... And even the newer character, Deacon. Some of the rest are still a mystery. I still like Alexis as much as I did in book 1 but she was very annoying this round with throwing her pu**y around at every turn. It kind of made me chuckle every time she didn't get laid. What else? Hmm OH! By way of personality, Palo and Orrin were the only ones that seemed different from the rest this go round. Alexis and Thadius are virtually indistinguishable and hopefully book 3 will give them their own personality, mannerisms and even way of speaking. But still, I'd like to see how this Samirah thing plays out. I hope it doesn't continue to drag, though ... I'll be reading the next one and pimping it out since their aren't many black female shifter protags out there.

3 Stars
Alexis (Black), Thadius (Greek), Palo (Samoan)

A - Ariel

I saw a blog about an A to Z Blog Challenge. Went to sign up, but the sign up was closed. However, I still want to do this. On to the blog!

A is for Ariel. Growing up on Disney, before things became complicated, I have a million fond memories of The Little Mermaid. Even now as an adult, I still know every single word, every single song, every facial expression ... Just ... Everything. I didn't realize how much I'd missed those Disney movies until I was waiting in a pediatric office with my kid, and this movie was playing. She kept shushing me because she couldn't listen to the movie and me at the same time.

And let's face it, how much more diverse can you get? We have a human Prince in love with a Mermaid who has a surrogate father who is a crab ... A Jamaican crab at that.

I blame Disney for my need to escape reality and pour myself into a world that makes no sense, and is completely real at the same time.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Blood Trade by Jane Yellowrock

Jane Yellowrock, Book 6

Helloooooooooooooo Faith Hunter fans! Thanks to a giveaway, I won a copy of Blood Trade but I just couldn't wait to get it so I bought the Kindle version anyway. Hehe. Now ... where do I start?

Jane, Eli and the Kid are in Natchez Mississippi dealing with Big H. In Death's Rival, we never got to meet Big H but we do this time. He has some Naturealeza vamps that Jane is being hired to deal with for 40k a head. Also, some witches have gone missing and ... Do you ever think about what would happen if Vampires could be "Zombies?" Oh it's something freaking cool. So now Jane has to deal with all this shit on top of being depressed about her failed relationship with Rick.

All Jane Yellowrock books seem to have some riddle that needs to be figured out before Jane can rescue someone or do what she needs to do. The one we're dealing with here has to do with ... Ah crap I can't say ... But the one piece that remains busy, I'm sure will be dealt with in book 7. So ... Jane has Eli running around with her, trying to kill these crazy vampires and find the witches but now she has a child in her care. Someone came back into her life that she was familiar with in her childrens home, and now that woman's child is in Jane's care. It produced a lot of 'real' moments for Jane. The biggest one being Beasts' desire to have kits, and Jane's desire to have a child ... Knowing it can't really be possible based on her life so far. The other 'real' moment is when ... Rick ... *smiles* ... *sigh* ... And then she and Evan Trueblood work their shit out. FINALLY. I mean ... Jane finally said the things I felt she's needed to say for a long time, and because of that, she may have gotten Molly and Angelina back. I sure hope so.

Since Eli has been downgraded to brother-status, I won't hold out hope for he and Jane anymore. However, Bruiser now has an interesting life to lead since he's Onorio now. :-) What will that mean for him and Jane? What will that mean for Rick and Jane? I think they just need to have a threesome and gtfover it. OH and Jane has yet to deal with the binding. CRAP ... So much still to do.

It seems like every time I get my hands on a Jane Yellowrock book, I can't even think straight after reading it enough to give a decent review. It was just awesome. I wanted more action earlier on but it was still good. Awesome. I love you, Jane.

4 1/2 Stars
Jane (NA), Eli (B/W), Soul (B), Rick (French/NA)

P.S. I am super interested in finding out what's up with Soul.